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Agricultural University, Peshawer is a research-based agricultural university located at Peshawar, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan. University is ranked as 2nd best University in Agriculture after Agricultural University, Faisalabad


The history of Agricultural University can be traced to the College of Agriculture established in 1957 as a constituent college of the University of Peshawar. In 1974, the college became a Faculty of Agriculture under the University of Peshawar. It attained its autonomous status as Agricultural University, Peshawar in 1981.


The academic programs is divided into five faculties, each headed by a Dean:

  • Faculty of Crop Production Science
  • Faculty of Crop Protection Science
  • Faculty of Rural Social Science
  • Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
  • Faculty of nutritional Science

The university has three institutes: the Institute of Biotechnology and Genetics Engineering (IBGE), Institute of Business and Management Sciences (IBMS), and Institute of Development Studies (IDS).

Departments under its various faculties

Faculty of Crop Production Science

The faculty has the following departments, each one headed by a separate Chairman or Chairperson.

Department of Soil & Environmental Science (established in 1966)

The Department was established in 1966. Beyond limited resources and facilities, the department has produce 30 to 35 Graduates each year before 1981 when the Department was readjusted, upgraded and reinforced. The department has a larger staff than any other department of this university. The department has three Undergraduate, two postgraduate, two PhD-level and one advanced-research laboratories. The available staff at this department is as follows.

  • Professor. Doctor Sareerullah Jan, Dean to the Faculty. (Ph.D, USA)
  • Professor. Doctor Izhar ul Haq. (Ph.D, USA)
  • Professor. Doctor Riaz Ahmad Khattak, Meritorious Professor. (Ph.D, USA)
  • Professor. Doctor Sajida Parveen. Chairperson to the Department. (Ph.D, Peshawar)
  • Professor. Doctor Zahir Shah.(Ph.D, USA)
  • Professor. Doctor Muzamil Shah.(Ph.D Canada)
  • Professor. Doctor Farmanullah Khan.(Ph.D, Germany)
  • Professor. Doctor Jamal Khattak.(Ph.D, Australia)
  • Professor. Doctor Muhammad sharif.(Ph.D, Germany)
  • Doctor Muhammad Tariq, Associate Professor.(Ph.D, USA)
  • Doctor Dost Muhammad, Lecturer.(Ph.D, Peshawar)
  • Mr. Shujaat Hussain, Lecturer.(Ph.D Scholar, UK)

Department of Horticulture

Horticulture Department is one of the biggest department in KPK Agricultural University, Peshawar with three main disciplines i.e. Pomology, Olericulture Landscape and Ornamental Horticulture. The Department aims at providing training in production practices, insects, pests and disease control, counseling regarding day-to-day problems in various disciplines of horticulture. Currently one research project, related to guava propagation, is carried out in the Department of Horticulture. A project of “Litchi Production in KPK” has been submitted to Pak-China joint research project. A project on “Induction of Dwarfism in Peach and Apricot” is currently under investigation from University funds. A project of “Extension of Tea Cultivation in Up-hills of KPK” is in the process of submission to Charles Wallece Trust. The Department has a 38 acres Horticulture Farm with 29 acres of commercial area under fruit plants, 1.5 acres commercial area under fruit nursery, one acre of mother plant garden and four acres of area specified for research. An ornamental plant nursery is used for student’s practicals, commercial purposes and beautification of the campus. Horticulture Department has two well-equipped laboratories.
Faculty Members
1. Prof. Dr. Noor-ul-Amin (Ph.D. UK), Chairman
2. Prof. Dr. Nawab Ali (Ph.D. USA)
3. Prof. Dr.Sher Muhammad, (Ph.D. AUP)
4. Prof. Dr. Abdur Rab, (Ph.D. USA)
5. Dr. Abdul Mateen, Associate Professor (Ph.D. UK)
6. Dr. Muhammad Zubair, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. AUP , MS. USA)
7. Prof. Dr. Syed Abrar Hussain Shah, Associate Professor (Ph.D. Pakistan)
8. Miss Neelam Ara, lecturer (M.Sc. (Hons) Peshawar)
9. Mr. Gohar Ayub, lecturer (M.Sc. (Hons) Peshawar)
10. Mr. Muhammad Sajid, lecturer (M.Sc. (Hons) Peshawar)
11. Mr. Fazal Wahid, Farm Manager (M.Sc. (Hons) Peshawar)
12 Mr. Imran Ahmed, lecturer (M.Sc. (Hons) Peshawar)


Department of Agronomy

Agronomy was the only major parent Department when agriculture classes started back in 1933 at Islamia College, Peshawar. The Department gave birth to several other Departments when in 1968 it was declared as a full fledged separate Agriculture College, then Faculty in 1976 and ultimately a University in 1981. The undergraduate program serves all the students of the university. The graduate and postgraduate programs are offered to those majoring in agronomy. Four major study areas are offered: Crop Production; Crop Physiology; Seed Technology and Arid Zone Agronomy. (TOP)

Faculty Members:

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Tariq Jan Chairman Post-Doc N dynamic/ Crop Residue Management.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Arif Khan Farm Manager PhD Agronomy/ Seed priming/ Crop Nutrition Management

Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad Post-Doc Seed Technology

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Akmal Post-Doc Forage and Fodder Crops

Prof. Dr. Amir Zaman Khan Post-Doc Seed Technology / Crop Physiology

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shafi Post-Doc Agronomy Organic Farming

Dr. Amanullah Jan Associate Professor PhD Arid Zone Agronomy

Dr. Jehan Bakht Associate Professor Post-Doc Plant Physiology / Plant Molecular Biology

Dr. Habib Akbar Associate Professor. PhD Crops

Dr. Ihsanullah Daur Assistant Professor. PhD Agronomy/Crop Physiology/Organic Farming

Mr. Humayun Khan Assistant Professor MSc (Hons) General Agronomy

Dr. Amanullah Jr Lecturer PhD Crop Nutrition Management

Mr. Shahen Shah Lecturer MSc (Hons) General Agronomy

Dr. Inamullah Khan Lecturer Physiology of crops and seeds under stree, Adaptive response of field crops to drought stress. Mr. Asad Ali Khan Lecturer General Agronomy Miss. Shazma Anwar Lecturer A biotic Stress, salinity Mr. Ahmed Khan Lecturer Nitrogen dynamics in plant -soil system, Organic residue and Nutrient management and biostatistics

Department of Water Management

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Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics

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Department of Agricultural Mechanization

Agricultural Mechanization Department have a new cours add Renewable energy in 2011
Dr.Mansoor Khan Khattak

Assoiate Professor
Engineer Masood-ud-Rehman
Dr. Amin
Dr.M Ramzan Khan

Mr.Irshad Mari

M.Sc Students
Mr.Amir Khan Afridi

[[B.Sc Student Mr.Inam Ul Haq Mr.Rafi Ud Din Mr.Farmanullah]]

Faculty of Crop Protection Sciences

Faculty of Crop Protection Sciences inculudes the following Departments

*Department of Entomology

The department has produced many graduates during its establishment and till now. The graduates from Entomology department are working in different organizations and serving the country in new research in Agricultural scineces. Many of the faculty members and students are highly educated from other renowned international universities of the foreign countries.

Professor Dr. Mian Inayatullah (Ph.D. USA), Chairman of the Department.

Professor Dr. Imtiaz Ali Khan (Ph.D. Germany, Postdoc. China)

Dr. Sajjad Ahmad, Professor (Ph.D. Peshawar)

Mr. Salim Jan, Assistant Professor

Mr. Amjad Usman, Lecturer

*Department of Plant Pathology

*Department of Plant Protection

*Department of Weed Science

Faculty of Nutritional Science

It includes the following Departments

  • Department of Food Science and Technology

• Prof Dr.Alam Zeb. {Chairman} • Prof Dr. Javid ullah. • Associate Prof Dr Ayub. • Assistant Prof Shamsul Munir. • Assistant Prof Faiq. • Assistant Prof Yasser derani.

  • Department of Agricultural Chemistry
  • Department of Human Nutrition

Department of Human Nutrition

The Department of Human Nutrition was established in 1985 with the mission to impart quality education to students and to undertake research in promoting health and nutrition of the population. It also aims to tackle the nutrition problems of the country through problem oriented research and nutritional programme. The scope of the Department includes promoting food security by increasing mass awareness through nutrition education and preventing malnutrition by conducting applied research activities. Through quality education, the Department is producing skilled graduates who play a vital role in reducing nutritional problems at the level of community and clinical settings.

The Department has well-equipped laboratory facilities, capable of undertaking biochemical analysis of food, blood and urine samples for micro and macronutrients. Currently the Department has received a number of state of the art equipment for carrying out research activities of the Department. The Department has strong research collaboration with national and international institutions. There is a very good stock of nutrition books, journals, and periodicals in the Central Library. The Department has got national and international recognition where both students and faculty enjoy the benefits of mutual collaboration. It has well-qualified and trained faculty. Most of the teaching staff have doctoral degrees from abroad and are fully expert in specialized areas. The Department has sufficient enrollment of students in master and doctoral degrees. Similarly the Department has established good working relationships with public and private hospitals of the country where students get their practical training through 12 weeks internship program. Faculty Members 1. Prof. Dr. Pervez Iqbal Paracha, Chairman, 2. Prof. Dr. Alam Khan,(Ph.D. USA) 3. Dr. Muzaffar Ali Khan, Associate Professor (Ph.D. UK) 4. Dr. Nargis T. Khan, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Australia) 5. Dr. Saleem Khan, Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Hons) Peshawar 6. Mr. Zia-ud-Din, Lecturer M.Sc. (Hons) Peshawar 7. Mr. Iftikhar Alam, Lecturer/JRS M.Sc. (Hons) Peshawar 8. Ms. Mahpara Safdar Jadoon, Lecturer

Faculty of Rural Social Science

It includes the following Departments:

  • Department of Rural Development
  • Department of Rural Sociology
  • Department of Agricultural Extension
  • Department of Agricultural Economics
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of English
  • Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Department of Islamic and Pakistan Studies

Faculty of Animal Husbandry

It has the following Departments:

  • Department of Animal Husbandry
  • Department of Livestock Management
  • Department of Veterinary Sciences

The Faculty offers a five-year bachelor degree programme for DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine).

Institute of Business and Management Sciences

It offers graduation courses in Computer Science, Information Technology and Business Administration. Postgraduate courses are available in Business Administration only at IBMS.

Institute of Biotechnology and Genetics Engineering

It includes the following Departments:

  • Department of Biotechnology
  • Department of Genetics Engineering

Both the departments offer a four years graduation programme. However, Master Degree and Doctorate Degree programmes are also available at Department of Biotechnology.

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