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From the best education countries of the world the Canadian education is considered as the best all around the world. Actually the Canadian education system is the most famous education system in the world because of its very high standards of education. Each province of Canada has its own education system which is very close to the education of the Germany. It is must that resident students first of all attend kindergarten and elementary schools and then they should attend secondary and then high schools.

According to a survey more than 90% of Canadian students attend public high schools and the rest of students either study in private schools or decide home schooling for their future. There are many high schools in Canada that offer very wide range of educational courses, extra curricular activities and programs that are the best in the world. Most of the schools in Canada are actually day schools with an identical structure.

The education system in the schools of Canada always follows the standardized education system that is set by the provincial governments. Actually all these guidelines are mostly determined by the ministry of education in their each province. Students in Canada easily get their graduation certificates after completing 12 years of their successful schooling. For their 12 years successful career students have to pass special graduation programs in the classes of 11th and 12th standards.

Students easily pass the special graduation program which is set by the provincial educational board of Canada. Some of the schools in Canada also offer many types of advanced placement courses which are known as AP and also different types of International Baccalaureate Program which is known as IB.

Usually the education in Canada is provided in two official languages that are French and English. Most of the students prefer to learn in English language while some prefer French and some prefer both the languages. In most of the Canadian schools the French language is offered as the first foreign language. That means that language of French can be chosen as the languages of instruction that can be used for some of the subjects of their study program.

Usually in Canada the schools starts in the month of September and usually ends in the month of June. The main thing in the education of Canada is that the education of Canada is very similar to the education of UK. Another best thing in the Canadian education is that the education for elementary and also for secondary levels are the responsibilities of regional government.

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