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There are many questions that are asked the most when you visit the embassy or counselor for an interview to get study visa of Canada. Some of the most frequently asked questions are as below.

Q 1- How are you doing today?

Answer: Fine, Thanks for asking.

(One thing you should remember that this question is mostly asked to make you comfortable so don’t be nervous and always answer in formal way.

Q 2- Have you ever been to Canada or any other country before?

Answer: Yes I have been to Canada before in…………. Or No I haven’t been to Canada before.

(You should remember to tell the exact date when your answer is yes and also have to tell date of arrival in Canada and also date of departure).

Q 3- What is the reason to study in Canada?

Answer: I want to go to Canada to pursue my studies (tell the name of your selected course) because Canada has the best facilities and internationals standard that it provide to their international students. I will also be in contact with all those peoples who are from different nationalities.

(Actually the visa officer wants to know you main purpose to go to Canada)

Q 4- What is the reason to select this particular University of Canada?

Answer: I am keen to study in a university that should provide me the quality education and after search I found this university the best which got the best faculty which is available for my studies.

(Its better to go through the handbook and website of the University and write down some of the most common highlights. These highlights should include research facilities, world ranking and Alumni profile etc.)

Q 5- For which type of course you are going to study?

Answer: I am going for ……….. for the falling semester of ……………

(Its better that you first go through the course contents very carefully and should known the duration, commencement, fee, credit points etc)

Q 6- What is the reason to choose this course?

Answer: Actually my selected course is much related to my previous studies and I would love to continue my future education in Canada in the same field. This is a course that also includes some other types of programs that are also helpful for my future life.

(It is better to be very clear about all your future plans after completing your selected course. You should prepare good statement yourself in which you have to mention how this course is relevant to your previous studies.)

Q 7- Why don’t you do this course in your country?

Answer: Actually my country also offers similar courses but the main thing in Canadian education is that they also offer internship and also lot of work that is related to projects.

(The best way to answer this question is you should know what type of difference this course has between your country and Canada. If your selected course is not available in your country then tell the visa officer about it.)

Q 8- Which other universities you applied for?

Answer: I applied to ……… other universities and got calls from them but I mostly prefer this university because of university’s best systems that interested me the most from others.

(Actually the visa officer wants to know that whether you are serious about your education or not. Suppose if you applied for 5 and were rejected in 4 and were accepted in 1 then you should tell the visa officer that you applied for 5, rejected in 1, three are pending and admitted in 1.)

Q 9- How will you fund your education In Canada?

Answer: Give answer according to bank statement or bank loan as documents that you have.

(Actually visa officer wants to know whether you are well aware of the source of funds or not.)

Q 10- Are you getting any type of school Waiver?

Answer: (You can mention if the university offers you any waiver in tuition fees)

Q 11- Why the University is giving you the scholarship?

Answer: It is because of my academic records of TOEFL and GRE score.

(The best way to answer this type of question is that you should know how much scholarship you are getting and also the reason why university is giving you the scholarship.)

Q 12- From where you completed your under graduation?

Answer: (Tell the visa officer about your previous course and about college or university you attended.)

Q 13- Can you tell me something about your past life?

Answer: After completing my studies I did ……………..

(You should be prepared to tell the visa officer what were your work between your last school or college and till today.)

Q 14- Who is sponsoring your education in Canada?

Answer: I am being sponsored by ……………..

(The best way to answer this question is to answer according to your visa documents and funds.)

Q 15- What does your sponsor do?

Answer: (Basically the visa officer wants to check the financial capability of the sponsoring person. The best way to answer this type of question is to have big knowledge of your sponsor’s source of income.)

Q 16- What type of savings does your family is having?

Answer: My father is saving…………. And my mother is also having ……………..

(You should make sure that your answer of this question will focus on the proofs of sufficient funds that you provided with your documents.)

Q 17- What is the annual income of your father?

Answer: The annual income of my father is …………….

(Actually visa officer wants to know that whether you have sufficient funds to study in Canada.)

Q 18- How many brothers and sisters you have?

Answer: (Tell the visa officer about number of your brothers and sisters. Actually this type of question is asked to check whether you have any other member in your home who depends on your father.)

Q 19- Do you have relatives in Canada?

Answer: (Most of the students do mistake on this question and tell visa officer about their uncle or aunt but the correct answer is to tell them about your brother, sister, mother and father because the question of relatives is for your family members not for other relatives.)

Q 20- Is your relative (brother/sister) enjoying best there?

Answer: (Actually this the best way to check whether do you plan to settle in Canada or do you have any relative that is over staying in Canada. The best answer for this type of question is to say that he/she is finding very tough life there and is planning to come back to their home country.)

Q 21- What are the completion and commencement dates of your course?

Answer: (The best way to answer is to remember the exact dates because the visa officer wants to know whether you are well aware of your course starting and duration date.)

Q 22- Where you plan to stay in Canada?

Answer: (Before answering this question you should know the address because it will reflect the image that you are very serious about your studies.)

Q 23- What are your plans for your vacations?

Answer: I will plan to come back to my home country to meet my family and friends.

(Actually visa officer wants to know that whether you will do job or not. The best is you should not say that you plan to work because in this way visa officer will come to know that you are not financially strong and want to go to Canada to earn money.)

Q 24- Can you show me your TOEFL and GRE score?

Answer: Yes

(You should put better scores on the top and arrange your all documents in a way that it should be easy for you to present and remove them to visa officer easily because the speed in which you will show the documents counts a lot. You should know your score and exam dates.)

Q 25- What is your GPA of your undergraduate programs?

Answer: (You should know the exact percentage so that it should be easy for you to convert your percentage in GPA.)

Q 26- Would you like to show me your degree?

Answer: (You should hand over your degree confidently and start looking to the visa officer. Remember that if asked about the degree then show degree and don’t show the mark sheet.)

Q 27- Can you mention names of some of your professors?

Answer: (Before going for visa interview best is to research about your selected university and find out the names of some top professors.)

Q 28- Did you remain in touch with any professor of your selected university?

Answer: Yes I remain in touch by exchanging some emails with the professor (name of professor). With the help of his/her best experience and knowledge I can get best education.

(It is necessary that before going for visa interview you should contact professors of your selected university.)

Q 29- What type of future plans do you have? Do you want to stay in Canada after completing your studies?

Answer: I am 100% sure that the growth of my country will always open many different avenues for me to start my own company in my country. After finishing my studies in Canada I would prefer to start my own business in my country.

(You answer should be a one that reflects clarity of thoughts and also very strong ties of your home country.)

Q 30- Do you have plans to work in Canada?

Answer: (You should answer in a way that the visa officer should be convinced that you are financially strong and have plans to return back to your home country after completing your studies.)

Q 31- Do you have enough funds to get education in Canada?

Answer: Yes

(Before saying yes you should be confident, the main purpose of this question is that the visa officer wants to know whether you have sufficient funds to meet all your expenses.)

Q 32- What is the exact location of your university or institute?

Answer: (You should do a research of your selected university before answering this question. The best thing you should know is the exact location of university and also of the universities campus (if any).)

Q 33- What are the difference you can make by doing MS in Canada?

Answer: Most of the Canadian universities are moving in parallel with the help of their latest technologies. To start any type of work I have to get education in all those technologies.

(Try to show that many foreign companies are coming to your country to invest in your selected field of study and also state some of the technical words that express your field.)


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