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Actually the visa that is issued for Canada is known as the study permit to Canada. Students from most of the countries of the world need to obtain students visa to study in Canada but there are also some countries whose peoples don’t need any type visa to enter Canada. There are more than 135,000 students that come to study in best country of world which is known as Canada. All type of international students brings rich culture to Canada and these cultures when mix with each other creates a society.

Canada always welcomes the international students in their universities and also welcomes their knowledge and skills that they bring with them in our schools. Actually the schools in Canada are regulated with the help of provinces that work their best to make their schools the best around the world. These provinces also take charge of the best health care services and medical services that are provided to international students that come to Canada.

The best thing which is seen in the education of Canada is that you don’t need any study permit when ever you plan to study any course or programs which are of six months or less than six months duration. Before you come to Canada always apply for study permit because it is geed idea if you want to continue your studies in other programs as well. In this way you will be able to apply for any new program with in Canada after completing your first program.

The study visa of Canada is not as much difficult as other countries student visa’s and has more facilities for international students than any other country. Usually the student visa process to Canada is very simplest process because when you know about all the required documents then there is no need to be worry about. There are some documents that are you will require before applying for student visa.

  • You will need letter of acceptance which is issued by the institution in which you took admission.
  • You should have proof letter or document with you who will show that you have sufficient funds to pay schools fees and to fulfill all expenses while studying in Canada.
  • You should have a guarantee letter with you that will show that you will return to your country when your studies will be finished.
  • It is must that you should pass medical exam if it is needed and have to qualify for the temporary resident in Canada that also include a temporary resident visa if it is required.

All those peoples who want to study in Canada need to require both the visas that are study permit visa and temporary resident visa. You should know that for student permit visa you need original letter of acceptance which is the most necessary document for getting higher studies in Canada and with out this letter you can not get study visa. With out this letter the application will be returned back as incomplete application.

Actually study permit is a document that is issued by the immigration and citizenship of Canada which allows international students to study in Canada for a limited time period of course or program. In some cases there is also a need of Police Character Certificate and also required you submitted application to undergo medical examination. There is also a requirement for the approval from the immigration authorities of Quebec government when ever they wish to study in Montreal or another city of the Quebec province.


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