CSS Exams in Urdu from Next Year Lahore High Court


Just recently, Lahore High Court (LHC) has ordered for organization of CSS (Central Superior Services) exams in Urdu language from the coming year in 2018.

In LHC, a petition was filed by advocate Saif ur Rehman in which he asked the court to order the FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) to use Urdu while conducting the CSS exams.

Couple of days ago, justice Atir Mehmood ordered that Urdu language should now be used for organization of CSS exams. The order says that this should be done according to the last year’s decision by Supreme Court on this issue.

The court said that this directive can’t be implemented this year because the CSS 2017 exams will be held next month and very short time is left but the next CSS exams in 2018 will be conducted in Urdu language.

Previously, it was reported that the CSS exams can’t be cleared by 98% of candidates while English language is the cause of failure of 92% candidates which is against the main purpose of the exams which is to test the proficiency of candidates in the subjects related to their degree instead of testing their authority on English language.

But it is also a reality that candidates passing CSS exams in Urdu will face several difficulties while working job as a civil servant unless the official language becomes Urdu in all the departments of government. Before using the Urdu language exams, the whole paperwork is required to be in Urdu.

In 2015, an order was issued by Supreme Court dealings in all the govt. institutes must be done in Urdu language in order to make Urdu the official language. This order by the court has to be fulfilled by all the offices of federal government. Chief Justice Jawad S Khawaja led the three member bench to issue this order that was established after submission of several petitions regarding to make Urdu as official language according to the requirement of constitution of Pakistan.

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