Diplomas and certificates of Postgraduate in UK


These diploma and certificates are mostly taught courses that have best qualification and last for nine months. Actually they also follow the same program which is the same as Masters degree but are mostly assessed with the help of exams and with out thesis. The most common diplomas and certificates of postgraduate are

  • PG Dip that is known as Post graduate Diplomas.
  • PG Cert that is known as Postgraduate Certificate.
  • PG CE that is known as Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

There are many different courses that are included in the postgraduate study of the UK that are

  • Master courses:

Actually the most important thing in the master courses is that they are actually of one year and some are of two years that’s why more and more students love to take masters courses. But remember one thing that it does not mean that the master courses are easier and cheaper in other countries but the qualification from the British Universities is worldwide recognized. The master courses are the most intensive courses then any other equivalent qualification.

The main reason is that the courses are completed mostly in 12 months that is the reason it makes them cheaper from all other courses. The other main reason is that the tuition fees are paid only for 12 months and the expenses that include living, food, bills etc. which are necessary will be for 12 months. Usually master courses are taught at the end of the September or at the start of the October but there are some other master courses that start in January. Mostly master courses can be described in four terms that are as follows:

September to December’s MID (3-4 weeks holidays for New Year and Christmas)

January to April (3-4 Weeks Easter’s holidays)

May to June (Examinations of post graduate diplomas)

July to September (Dissertation)

There are thousands of many different masters courses that are taught in the UK and all are full range of academic disciplines. Before selecting any course a student must get as much information as possible because of thousand of courses.

  • Master’s Degree:

Usually for all one year students the master’s degrees are awarded and are also very important and necessary for exam assess. Master degrees can also consist of research and taught elements that are very important that are

MA (means Master of Arts)

MSc (means Master of Science)

MBA (means Master of Business Administration)

LLM (means Master of Law)

MEd (means Master of Education)

MMus (means Master of Music)

MPhil (means Master of Philosophy)

MRes (means Master of Research)


MPhil: Actually the degree of MPhil is basically a two or more years program that end at the dissertation of thesis that consists of 50,000 to 70,000 words. There are many different institutions that allow all those students that are studying MPhil to convert easily and directly to the second year of a PhD course.

MRes: MRes is basically a new and relatively taught qualification which lasts for one year full time and will always gives you research education that is taken in the research methodology. This type of way is actually directly applicable to all the needs of the industry.

  • Doctorates:

Actually the degree of doctorate mostly takes three or more years to independent type of study and mostly doctorates are always completed purely by research. There are many other degree in the doctorates field that are

PhD/DPhil (Means Doctor of Philosophy)

LLD (Means Doctor of Laws)

DSc (Means Doctor of Science)

DLitt (Means Doctor of Letters)

MD/DM (Means Doctor of Medicine)

Actually the degree of PhD is different in the some other countries that are taught in the UK and the program of PhD is taken the most in the UK because it contains a substantial taught element. It is seen that mostly students always remain focus on an area of research before making a decision. A research proposal is usually written when ever someone chose any area of research and usually they are submitted and written with the applications. Students that haven’t focused on any research have many types of options.

Actually the first nine months are very similar to the one year taught masters programs with those students that are attending classes but more time can also be spend to develop a research proposal. Mostly students at the end of first nine months choose their field either as PhD or continue their study as MPhil. There is another leading variation to the decorate that are the DBA and DEd qualifications which are becoming very popular in all types of students and the other reason for its popularity is because of areas of businesses and education that comes in DBA and DEd

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