Economics CSS Past Paper 2012


CSS Economics Past Papers 2012 can help you to prepare your CSS Exams 2013 or any other CSS exams.

Paper I

Q2. Explain as how the market demand curve can be derived from indifference curve approach?

Q3. Define Multiplier. Also explain the impact of multiplier on national income and employment of the economy.

Q4. Compare and contrast the fisher and cambridge equation of money.

Q5. Explain the process of creation of credit money and also discuss its properties.

Q6. Explain as how inflation and deflation can be controlled by the central bank?

Q7. Critically analyze the slogan of, “trade not aid”. Is it possible with the reference to Pakistan.

Q8. Critically discuss the Modern theory of International trade as how it impacts cost effectiveness?

Q9. write short note on the following:
(i) protection policy of industrial development (ii) balance of payment as a domestic resource development


Paper II

Q2. Discuss Arbitrary poverty line. Also discuss as how poverty is measured with basic need approach?

Q3. Critically analyze the economic planning as a, “steering” of the economy and without planning like a ship having no destination. Comment with reference to Pakistan.

Q4. Discuss the evolutionary development of Grain revolution in Pakistan. Comment with examples from the Pakistan economy.

Q5. Keeping in view the Land reforms in Pakistan, comment as how much these are significant to achieve the targets of decentralization of wealth and income and income inequalities.

Q6. Analyze and comment Industrial development as a domestic resource development and enhancement of absorption capacity for employment generation in Pakistan.

Q7. Keeping in view the Market friendly approach of Economic development, discuss the privatization a path to economic prosperity.

Q8. Differentiate Economic development and economic growth. Also discuss the Modern concept of economic development.

Q9. Write notes on the following:
(i) Migration out flows (ii) Balance of payment as source of capital formation

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