Education Ministry finalizes new syllabus for Primary Education


For Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE), a revised syllabus has been finalized by the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training.

The new syllabus is designed to emphasis on special values including global citizenship, ethical values, civil conduct, tolerance and also to accept diversity.

The ministry of education guided this task that was completed by a team of teachers, curriculum specialists, education experts and government officials.

It was told by an official of the education ministry that the new syllabus is expected to be notified by the end of June as the final draft has already been approved and sent to the ministry for approval. Soon after the notification, the preparation of text books based on new syllabus will start and they will be published at the end of current year 2017.

Minister for Federal Education Engr. Balighur Rehman closely monitored the whole process, according to the official.

The new syllabus will concentrate on following values:

  • Ethical values
  • Civil conduct
  • Civic sense
  • Global citizenship
  • Environmental protection
  • Democratic culture
  • Energy conservation
  • National Harmony
  • Health and hygiene
  • Tolerance and respect for diversity

The minister previously told that this change in syllabus is part of their goal to improve education and research quality in Pakistan.

There were 10 members each in the 8 subject specialist committees established for review and revision of curriculum. The revised subject groups are given below:

  • ECCE (Pre-primary education)
  • Languages (Urdu and English)
  • General Science
  • General Knowledge
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Islamic Studies


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