FBISE Guidelines


Student: What are requirements for getting Migration Certificate / NOC from the Federal Board?
FBISE: If you have appeared in SSC-II / HSSC-II examination, do the following.

  • Fill the Migration Form (you can down load it).
  • Deposit the Fee. (Rs: 500/ for Pakistan and US$ 20/ for overseas candidates)
  • Attach photocopy of the latest mask sheet.

But if you have appeared in SSC-I/ HSSC-I exam of the Federal Board and before appearing in Part-II, you need Migration Certificate, then photocopy of school/ college Leaving Certificate will also be needed.


Student: I appeared in SSC –I (9th) / HSSC-I (11th) Class examination in the year 2010 but failed in some papers. Can I pass these papers in supplementary Examination.
FBISE: Sitting in supplementary examination is allowed to those Candidates who have appeared in Part-II exam. In your case, you will give Part-I failed Papers with Part-II papers in the next annual examination.
Student: I am not satisfied with the marks of some papers of Part-I
FBISE: A student can cancel and repeat one or two Papers of Part-I to give them with the next Part-II Annual Examination.

Candidate: Can I use FOUNTAIN PEN in the Examination?
FBISE: Yes, but only, with BLACK ink.


Candidate: Can I write my name on the answer script?
FBISE: No. Disclosure of identity in the answer book by writing name or any thing else shall be treated as use of unfair means.


Candidate: I forgot to sign on attendance sheet. Please guide me.
FBISE: Please send an application to Controller of Examinations.


Candidate: I forgot to write my Roll Number on Answer script in the Physics paper. Please tell me course of action at this stage.
FBISE: Please send an application to Controller of Examinations.



Candidate: I appeared in SSC-II  Annual Examination and failed in two Science subjects. Can I change my group at this stage?
FBISE: No you can’t.


Candidate: I have submitted examination form as a private candidate. Can I change elective subject now?
FBISE: The private candidate (s) is allowed to change the group/ elective subject (s) at least up to one month before the commencement of examination with prior permission of the Controller of Examination. The change will be allowed for a particular Examination.
Institute: The admission form of Mr. ABC was erroneously attested/forwarded in regular capacity. Since he is a private candidate, therefore, category may be changed accordingly.
FBISE: Change of category from Regular to Private is allowed provided that the student has not attended (for studies) any affiliated institution for one academic year.



Candidate: I am regular student and appeared in SSC Annual Examination, from Abu Dhabi . But due to certain domestic reasons, my family is shifting to Pakistan . Is it possible that my mark sheet/original certificate be dispatched to my new address at Pakistan ?
FBISE: Yes. Please send an application along with photocopy of your passport to Controller of Examinations for the purpose.



Father: My son is student of F.G College , Islamabad and the institution had sent his admission form for the Annual Examination. Now I have been transferred to Karachi . Is it possible that my son be allowed to appear from Karachi ?
FBISE: Yes, subject to following requirements;

An application duly recommended by the Head of Institution, who attested the admission form.

Two photographs of the candidate duly attested by the Head of Institution, who has attested the examination form.

Certified true copy of transfer order (in case of employee)

Prescribed fee for the change of examination center in shape of Bank draft in favour of Controller of Exams. FBISE, Islamabad .


Candidate: I am living with my uncle, who is my guardian, in Dubai . I have already sent my admission form for Annual Exams. Now we are shifting to our native place Dina in Pakistan , in some days. Can I appear from Dina?
FBISE: We do not have any affiliated institution/Examination center at Dina. However, you may appear at any nearest city Subject to fulfillment of following requirements;

An application duly recommended by the Head of Institution, who attested the admission form.

Two photographs of the candidate duly attested by the Head of Institution, who has attested the examination form.

Certified true copy of passport

Prescribed fee for the change of examination center in shape of Bank draft in favour of Controller of Exams. FBISE, Islamabad .


Father: When I should apply for change of examination centre of my son?
FBISE: An application for change of examination center is entertained up to 30 days before the commencement of the examination.

Candidate: I have passed my SSC from Bahria College , Islamabad . My father has been transferred to Karachi . I have to apply for admission in F. Sc in F.G. College , Masroor, Karachi . Do I require a migration certificate?
FBISE: The migration certificate is not required if transferred from one institution to any other affiliated institution of Federal Board. However, Board may be informed of such transfer.



Candidate: I submitted admission form as a regular candidate for SSC-II / HSSC-II Annual Examination and received my Roll Number slip but could not appear in the examination. Can I appear in the next Supplementary examination?
FBISE: Yes. You can appear in the next Supplementary Examination. as an Ex-candidate.



Candidate: Can I improve my Grade/Marks in the Supplementary examination?
FBISE: Yes, if otherwise eligible, you have one chance for improvement within one year of passing the said examination.
Candidate: I passed my HSSC Annual Examinations in 1997. Now I want to improve my Grade/Marks. How can I?
FBISE: Regretted, a candidate can improve his marks/grade within a period of one year after passing the said examination.
Candidate: I submitted the admission form for improvement but could not appear in the examination? Can I get another chance for the purpose?
FBISE: Yes, you can appear in next examination but within one year of passing the said examination.


Candidate: I passed SSC / HSSC examination, but I am not satisfied with the marks of Mathematics. Can I submit form for improvement of Maths paper, only?
FBISE: Improvement in one or two papers/subjects is also allowed.


Candidate: I could not improve my marks. Will my previous result be intact?
FBISE: Your previous result shall be intact.


Candidate: I appeared in SSC Part-I Annual Examination and cleared all the papers, but I am not satisfied with the result and want to repeat all the papers of SSC Part-I. Can I do?
FBISE: Yes, you can re-appear in Part-I along with Part-II examination. However, your previous Part-I result shall stand cancelled, and you will not be allowed to improve SSC Part-I later on.



Candidate: How much time the whole process takes?
FBISE: It may take 1-2 months time.


Candidate: How to apply for rechecking ?
FBISE: Fill the rechecking form, deposit the fee and attach photocopy of the marks sheet. Submit all these documents in the Board. Its details can be seen on the rechecking form.


Candidate: Can I see my answer scripts?
FBISE: No. The candidate or any body on his behalf has no right to see or examine the answer books for any purpose.


Candidate: My result was announced two months back. Can I request for re-checking now?
FBISE: An application for rechecking is entertained up to 30 days from the date of announcement of result.


Candidate: Does re-checking mean reassessment?
FBISE: The answer book of a candidate cannot be reassessed or revalued under any circumstances.


Candidate: In case my marks decrease, would my previous result be intact and can I retain the mark sheet?
FBISE: If marks of candidate are decreased due to any discrepancy by virtue of re-checking, it shall be recorded accordingly and revised mark sheet will be issued after the previous one is surrendered. Mark sheet needed by the Board for correction can not be retained. The Board can take action against defaulter under Board’s rules.



Candidate: I have deposited the required fee, however, could not submit the admission form for the examination. Shall Board refund the same?
FBISE: The Board will refund the same after deducting 10% of the fee on account of service charges. However, it will be refunded after declaration of the result of relevant examination.



Candidate: What does it mean by “Academic year”?
FBISE: It means the total period during which instructions are imparted by the institution and fee thereof is charged.


Candidate: What does it mean by “private candidate”?
FBISE: It means a candidate not on the roll of an affiliated institution for at least one year before appearing in any examination.


Candidate: What does it mean by “Ex-candidate”?
FBISE: It means a regular student after having appeared in SSC-II/ HSSC-II examination and declared fail. However, regular students after having appeared in HSSC-I examination (other than science group whose status is changed from regular to private shall also be considered as ex-student, till completion of chances.


Candidate: I have passed the examination, however, need two (2) marks for “B” grade. Can Board give me a favour by giving grace marks?
FBISE: No grace marks are allowed for earning higher grade or improvement.


Candidate: I want to use Urdu medium while solving the paper. Please guide.
FBISE: Question papers in all the subjects are provided in both the mediums i-e English and Urdu, a candidate may opt for any medium.
Father: My daughter studied 9th class in the Arts subjects from ———- . But now I have been transferred to ———– , at contact the institution affiliated with Federal Board informed that Science subjects are being taught in their institution. Please guide, can she change her group at this stage?
FBISE: The student may take Admission in available provincial institution.


Candidate: I could not appear in last chance. Is there any provision to avail a missed chance?


Candidate: From where I got Model Papers, Test Items, Syllabus and Scheme of Studies?
FBISE: Model Papers, Syllabus and Scheme of Studies is given on our website in Syllabus Link. You can also purchase these booklets from Board’s main office.



Candidate: Do I require to pass both practical and theory of a subject separately?
FBISE: Where a subject involves practical i-e Physics, Chemistry etc, it is necessary for a candidate to pass theory and practical separately.


Candidate: What are minimum qualifying marks in a paper?
FBISE: A candidate is required to obtain at least 33% marks just to pass a paper (theory) or practical.


Candidate: I failed in practical of Biology. But secured 70 marks in theory. Can my marks be combined to consider passing marks?
FBISE: If a candidate fails either in the theory or practical of a paper, the marks obtained by him in theory and practical are not combined for aggregate purpose.



Candidate: I have passed the SSC Annual Examination. Can I appear for additional subject in supplementary examination?
FBISE: No. A candidate can appear in additional subject after one year of passing (SSC/HSSC examination) in any additional subject(s) within two years of passing the said examination.


Candidate: I have failed in one additional subject. Can I appear in next examination?
FBISE: Regretted, neither second attempt nor grace marks are given to a candidate appearing in additional subject(s).



Institution: How much students/candidates are required for the establishment of an examination centre?
FBISE: Minimum number of candidates for constituting an examination center is prescribed as 50 boys , 25 girls at SSC and HSSC level likely to appear at that center for the examination.


Institution: What does it mean by “special examination center”?
FBISE: Special examination center is constituted on payment of prescribed fee in case the number of candidates of an institution is less than the minimum number required to appear from a center i-e 50 boys 25 girls.


Institution: My son has submitted the admission form for SSC Annual Examination. But now he along with other family members is going with me to Canada . Can Board establish examination center in Canada in order to save precious year of a student?
FBISE: Regretted. Examination center cannot be established at the place where affiliated institution with Board does not exist.



Candidate: I have failed in two papers in Part-I. When should I appear for them?
FBISE: A candidate who fails in paper(s) of Part-I  may appear in un cleared papers of Part-I along with Part-II.


Father: How much attempts would be given to qualify the examination to my son who is blind?
FBISE: A blind candidate can qualify the examination without any restriction of the number of examination attempts, however, a medical certificate from eye specialist or civil surgeon of any government hospital would be required.




Candidate: I am a non-Muslim. can I offer Islamiyat?
FBISE: You are given a free option, either to offer Islamiyat or Ethics (a course in Universal Morality).



Candidate: Do I need fresh registration for HSSC Examination?



Candidate: I am suffering from………… Hence, I am, a slow writer. Can Board allow me a helper (amanuensis)?
FBISE: The amanuensis is being allowed, if requested, in case: -

A candidate is blind.

A candidate who is permanently or temporarily disable to write with his own hand.


Candidate: Does the Board allow extra time to the disabled candidates?
FBISE: Yes. Board gives 45 minutes extra time to such candidate(s) in a paper.


Fee Detail:

Activity In Pakistan Abroad
Migration Certificate. Rs. 500/- 20 $
Duplicate Mark sheet Rs. 500/- 30$
Duplicate Roll No slip Rs. 200/- 20$
Rechecking of Paper Rs. 600/- per paper 20$
Provisional Certificate Rs. 500/- 30$
Attempt Certificate Rs. 500/- 30$
Duplicate Registration card Rs. 200/- 20$
Duplicate Certificate (SANAD) Rs. 1000/- 20$




Within 14 days

1 week

3 days

after     4 hours

Verification of document (Certificate & Mark sheet) Rs. 200/- 10$

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