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Actually due to very wide variety of biographic region the geography of the Australia encompasses. Australia is the world’s smallest continent but is the sixth largest country from all the established countries of the world. Actually the population of the Australia basically concentrates along the southern and eastern coasts. Basically the geography of the country is extremely diverse due to snow copped mountains, with large deserts and also with temperature forests that make the Australia different from other countries.


Australia is included in the list of largest countries and is on the sixth number. Actually Australia is an island that is surrounded by water from all sides and is the smallest continent of the world. The population of the Australia is approximately 17.5 million and the geographic size is approximately 3 million square miles. The capital of the Australia is Canberra and the major cities of the Australia are Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.


Basically Australia is a vast island continent that is situated in the south of the Indonesia and also at the south of the Papua New Guinea. The continent Australia lies between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Australia which is the world’s six largest country and can be measured as 4,000 km east to west and round about 3,300 km north to south. Actually most of the interior of the country is sparsely, barren and flat populated. Most of the population lives on the fertile eastern coastal plain and on the narrow and also on the southeastern coasts.


The size of the country named Australia means that there are lot of climatic variations and also means that to be somewhere in Australia is the good time and can be any time. The country Australia has actually very dramatic landscape and is very famous for its outback. Most of the interior of Australia is covered by the deserts and deserts are too hot and also too dry to support many different peoples. The eastern part of the Australia has large areas of the grassland that is mostly used for cattle and sheep ranches.


The country of Australia is also having some mountainous area and also plateaus that are scattered through out the parts of the country. There are Blue Mountains that are on the south eastern end of Australia and got the name blue because of oil droplets that are given off from many different trees that are found on the mountain. Australia is a country that has many beautiful coastal beaches that make it more beautiful then other countries. Most of the Australians (about 70%) live in the towns and cities and in the eastern and southern coast and also around the Perth most of its population lives.


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