Geography of the Canada


Canada is the country which has very large and diverse ranges of geographical features. Actually the Canada is divided into 10 provinces and is also has 02 main territories. Canada usually stretches its border from the Pacific Ocean which is on the west to the Atlantic Ocean which is on the east. Usually Canada has small population that is round about 28 million peoples because of its geographic size and is the second largest country of the world.

Much of the area of Canada is covered with forests and the mountains are covering the major part of the western Canada, Yukon Territory, British Columbia and the western part of the Alberta. Actually the west central part of Canada is mostly prairie that consists of large grain farms. There are provinces of Quebec and Ontario in the eastern part of Canada and are the major industrial and populated areas of Canada.

Most of the northern part of North America is covered by Canada and has area which is larger than the U.S. in the east of Canada the there are provinces that are covered by the mountains which is an irregular coastline on the gulf. Most of the southern Ontario and Quebec is covered by St. Lawrence plain and the southern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba is covered by continental plain. Actually they are separated by from each other by plateau of forests that are rising from the Lakes Huron and Lake Superior.

The area of most of the British Columbia and also most of the area of Yukon and also most parts of the western Alberta are those areas that are covered by parallel mountain ranges that include the Rockies. Fjords and channels ragged the pacific border which is located in the coast range. One of the height points of mountain of Canada is in Yukon which is known as Mount Logan and its height is 19,800 feet and in meter the height is 6, 000 meters.

The area of the Canada is actually 9.9 million square kilometer and is the second largest country of the world. The cities of Canada are


  • Ottawa which is the capital of the Canada and has more then 1.2 million population.
  • Toronto which has more then 5.2 million population.
  • Montreal which has more then 3.7 million population.
  • Vancouver which has more then 2.2 million population
  • Calgary which has more then 1.2 million peoples.
  • Edmonton which has more then 1.1 million population.
  • Quebec City which has more then 0.8 million population.
  • Winnipeg which has more then 0.8 million population
  • Hamilton which has more then 0.9 million population.


The climate of the Canada is very temperate and arctic.



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