Geography of the USA


Actually USA is a republic of federal constitutional that comprises on a federal district and also on fifty states. Basically the country is mostly situated in the central North America but on the other hand its forty eight states lie between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean and also bordered with Canada to North and also bordered with Mexico in the south such as Washington D.C etc. The Alaska state is actually in the north west of the continent and the Hawaii state is in the mid pacific. The country has also many several territories that possess in the Pacific and Caribbean.


United States is included in the list of the largest areas and is the third with 3.80 million square miles and with having more then 312 million peoples. The country is considered as third largest country in the world by land area and also by population. Actually the country is the world’s most ethnically diverse country with having many different cultures and is known as multicultural country as well. In the world US has the largest national economy which was estimated in the start of 2011.


Actually united state is a country that is located in the Western Hemisphere and consists of forty eight contiguous states.  If you see by area then the United States is a country that is little bit smaller or larger than the China. Actually the area of US makes US the third or forth largest country in the world.



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