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Actually visa is a permit which is issued by the foreign affairs of a specific country. Visa is actually a thing that allows you to enter that country of which you have the permit. Visas are actually stickers that are placed insider your passport and are those that provide the entry to specific country. There are some citizens that do not require any type of visa to enter the specific country by which it has an agreement. All those citizens that do not need any visa can easily live but not more than 03 months. In simple words you cannot enter any country with out visa.


All those students that wish to study in high schools, colleges and universities of Germany are always required to obtain residence permit with study permit. According to the Immigration laws of Germany the visa is necessary to enter the country for higher education. Different peoples from different countries can apply for residence permit when they enter Germany without any visa. These peoples are the citizens of these countries of the world which are US, Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland and all the citizens of European Union countries.


When some one come to Germany on tourist visa then the tourist visa will not be converted to student visa that means that the tourist visa holders are not eligible to study in Germany. The student visa is must before entering Germany and can be obtained from German Embassy or from German Consulate General of your country. The embassy or consulate general will provide you more and more information about your visa. One thing is clear that the student visa will only be issued when you are accepted to study in Germany.


Actually the study permit allows students to enter the country before the starting date of the course or semester. In some of the cases the university application visa is very important for all those applicants that want to study in college of Music and Drama and you have to enter the country of Germany for the entrance examination. This type of visa is also useful to all those applicants who really wish to improve their skills in language before the starting date of their studies. Actually the study applicant visa is limited to three months but this visa can be converted to study visa easily and is converted when you receive admission from your selected college or university.


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