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Actually the United Kingdom has not written any constitution but the equivalent body of the law was totally based on the common wealth, statute and traditional rights. All the changes that was made came through the new act of parliament, informally through the acceptance of all the new practices and usages and also by the judicial precedents. The government of the UK has the power to make law or to repeal any type of law. In the UK the prime minister was the leader of the largest party and the government was mostly dependent on the support of the leader.


The parliaments of any country will always represent the entire country but at that time the legislatives in Scotland, Northern Island and Wales were not developed that were for the matters of the entire country that includes energy policy, foreign policy, monetary policy and immigration and border control. England is basically a country that does not have its own separate legislative body that is the reason the parliament of England was having the power to legislate in all the fields for England.


Actually the House of the Lords has most of the powers and can review, delay and amend temporarily any type of bills except all those that are related to the budget. The main reason is that the House of Lord actually has more time then the House of Commons that’s why it pursue one of the most important functions that is debating public issues. Nowadays the Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have legislative and executive bodies that can easily administer and legislate on many different matters. Although in extend of the powers there is only one significant variation that was always enjoyed by the devolved governments.

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