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All the international students should have round about US$ 243 to US$ 350 for their month living expenses in the heart of the city but in the year 2011 the costs of living in city has been broken down which is as under.

  • Accommodation Costs:

According to an estimate about US$ 60 to US$ 150 per month is the costs of the accommodation in the city. But the rental fees may vary according to the geographical area of Malaysia and also depends on type of accommodation you choose to live. There are many types of living for international students that include in-campus living, off-campus living which includes apartments, condominium, single story houses, double story houses etc. There are many other ways of living that includes a house with or without air-conditioning facility and the number of peoples shared the room or complete house to live.

  • Food / House keeping Costs:

International student should have round about US$ 150 for the food and house keeping costs and can be based as US$ 4 for three times meal per day. But on the other hand if you cook and share the cooking expenses with your room mates than the food expenses will be much cheaper.

  • Clothing Costs:

There are many types of cloth expenses that include ironing, washing, dry cleaning etc. All these costs of clothing may cost you round about US$ 13 per month.

  • Public Transport Costs:

Most of the student stay in their campuses and some stay very near to their campuses so that there will be no traveling cost to and from the classes. But there are many other types of traveling that may cost you round about US$ 15 per month (depends on your traveling)

  • Mobile Phone / Telecommunication Bills:

For your mobile dues you can make an estimate of round about US$ 15 per months but it can exceed and depends on the usage of your mobile phone. Usually there are many mobile packages in Malaysia that are very competitive so the costs may vary according to your chosen package.

  • Stationery and Books Costs:

International student should keep in mind that the stationery and books costs can be round about US$ 15 but the cost may vary according to your requirement of stationery and books. These costs also depend on your selected course and also depend on the projects you are taking.

  • Medical & Hospital Insurance Costs:

International students should know that there are no medical expenses of students because you don’t have to pay. But you should keep round about US$ 10 per month because you can need in case of illnesses during the complete year. This amount also includes the amount that you will pay for the insurance of your hospital that you pay from your institutions.

  • Some Personal Expenses:

All your personal expenses will depend on your personal lifestyle and community that you choose. A round about figure of personal expenses is US$ 30 to US$ 60 per month but these expenses can be low if you have limited personal expenses. Actually the personal expenses depend on your social needs that include haircut, toiletries, clothes etc. It is very important that you should remember that all the above dues are in round figure and depends on how you live and how you manage your expenses.


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