Malaysia Student Visa Interview Questions


There are many types of questions that are asked during the student pass interview. Embassies of different countries ask the same questions but there are some things that are different from each country university. Here is a list of all those questions that are asked in the embassy of Malaysia when you wish to study in Malaysia that are:-

Q1.   Are you ready for the interview?

Q2.   How many universities of Malaysia you applied for?

Q3.   Which type of universities did you apply to? (Both rejected and admitted)

Q4.    Which universities of Malaysia accepted you?

Q5.    What is the reason of choosing this specific university?

Q6.     Why you want to study in Malaysia?

Q7.     Where did you complete your previous education?

Q8.     What is the percentage of your Undergraduate?

Q9.     Would you like to tell me some of the details about your selected university?

Q10.    Can you tell names of some of the professors of your selected university?

Q11.    Have you ever been to Malaysia before?

Q12.    What prove you have that you will come back after finishing your studies?

Q13.     Why you wish to study in Malaysia and not in Pakistan?

Q14.      Can you show me your score card of GRE / TOEFL?

Q15.      What you plan to do after completing your studies?

Q16.       Do you have any relatives/friends in the university Malaysia?

Q17.       What you plan to study at this university?

Q18.       What are you going to do if your visa is rejected?

Q19.       What are you plans in summer vocations?

Q20.        Will you come back to your home country in summer vocations?

Q21.        What is your plan to do after coming to home?

Q22.         Why you want to change your field? (This question will be asked when you are                 on another field which is not related to your previous studies)

Q23.         What types of steps you have taken to ensure that you will be able to perform best              in your chosen field of study?

Q24.         Why do you think university will give scholarship to you?

Q25.         Why you want to leave your current job? (This question will ask if you are                           working).

Q26.          Can you show me your work experience certificates? (This Question will be asked            if you have worked in Pakistan).

Q27.        Did you receive any type of scholarship from your university?

Q28.        Why you not receive any scholarship?

Q29.        Have you received any type of loans for your study?

Q30.        Do you have any relatives in Malaysia?

Q31.       Who is sponsoring your studies?

Q32.       What does your father really do?

Q33.        What is the annual income of your father? Does he pay income taxes?

Q34.         How many brother and sisters you have?

Q35.         Are your parents retired from the services? If yes than how they will pay for your             studies?

Q36.          Can you please show me your bank statement or pass book?

Q37.          Where your brother/sister/parents did completed their educational studies?

Q38.          You have xx brothers and sisters and your parents are retired than how your                       parents will finance you?

Q39.         Where your parents live? (If they live in Malaysia).

Q40.         Do you have enough funds to finance your studies in Malaysia for 02 or 03 years?

Q41.         Do you have any relative who is already studying in this university?

Q42.         What type of specialization do you have?

Q43.          How your studies will be helpful to you in your country?

Q44.          Do you intend to work in Malaysia?

Q45.          What are your plans after the completion of your studies?

Q46.           What if your selected course is provided to you in Pakistan than will you go again            to Malaysia for higher studies?


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