Registration / Enrollment Information


w.e.f. (Annual) Examination 2009

S.NO Description of fee Regular Private. 


SSC Exam Rs.300/- Rs.330/-
Practical Fee Rs20/-per Practical Rs20/-per Practical3
SSC Late Fee Rs.100/- Rs.100/-
Double Late Fee Rs.100 X2 Rs.100 X2
Triple Late Fee Rs.100X3 Rs.100X3
Additional Subject(s) Fee Full Exam Fee i.e. Rs.330/-
IOD Fee Single Part Rs.550/-
IOD Both Parts Rs550/-
DMC Fee Nil(DMC to contain details of provisional Certificate also)
DMC Duplicate Fee Rs.70/-
SSC Registration Fee Rs.70/- Rs.70/-
Change of DOB i. First 3 month from date of obtaining DMC/Provisional

Certificate Free


ii. 3 Months to 5 yrs Rs.5000/- 

iii. More than 5 yrs Rs.10,000/-

13. Change of Centre Fee Rs.50/-

14. Creation Center Fee a. Nil.

b. Number of candidates at the discretion of Chairman.

c. Each BISE shall pay Rs 5/- per candidate to the institution for maintenance where exam centre exists.

15. Change of Centre fee Rs1000/-

16. Late Submission Enrolment/Registration fee Rs.710/- up to 31 st May of the year

Rs.70+35 up to 1 st Oct of the year

Rs.70+70 up to 31 st Dec of the year

17. Admission form fee Rs.5/-

18. Sports fee Rs.20/-




19. Marking SSC Theory Rs6.per script 

20. Single paper examiner SSC(up to 10 papers) Rs.100/-

21. Marking SSC (Practical) Rs.1.80 per candidate

22. SSC Practical remuneration up to 5 students Rs.60/-

23. SSC Theory Paper Setting Rs.360/- single version &

Rs.720/- double version

24. SSC (Practical paper Setting) Rs.40/- per Practical.






Inter Part-I Rs.200/- Rs.275/-
Inter Part-II Rs.300/- Rs.325/-
Inter Part-II with Part-I one or more papers Rs.300/-+Rs.30 each paper Rs.325/-+Rs.30 each paper
Inter Partical Fee Rs.20/-each practical Rs.20/-each practical
IOD Fee Single Part Rs.580/-
IOD Both Parts Rs.650/-
Additional Subject Full Exam fee i.e Rs325/-
DMC Nil(DMC to contain details to provisional certificate also)
DMC Duplicate Fee Rs.70/-
10. Inter Registration fee Rs.70/- (For those candidates
who join the Board concerned from other Boards).
Sports fee Rs.40/-
Late Adminission fee Rs.100/-
Change of Subject fee Rs.50/-
Admission From fee Rs.5/-
Oriental Exam fee Proficiency fee Rs.100/-
High Porficiency Rs.125/-
Honours Exam Rs.150/-
Creation of Centre fee a. Nill
b. Number of candidates at the discretion of Chairman
c. Each BISE shall pay Rs. 5/- per candidate to the institution for maintenance where exam centre exists.
Change of Centre Fee Rs. 1000/-




18. Marking HSSC (Theory) Rs. 8/- per script 

19. Marking HSSC Practical Rs. 3.60 per script

20 HSSC Practical Paper Setting Rs. 420/- single & 840/- double

21. HSSC practical Paper Setting Rs. 90/- & Rs. 60/- subsequnnt

22. Oriental language Exam Rs.4/- per script

23. Single Paper Examiner Rs.50/-

(Oriental language

upto 10 papers)

24. Oriental Language Exam Rs.360/- per paper

Paper Setting

No Description of Fee Rate
1. Migration Fee from the Board to Board/University Rs: 100/- 

(Migration within the Board from School to School

and College will be dealt with by the Education Deptt:)

2. Migration Cancellation/Duplicate Fee Rs: 150/-

3. Provisional Certificate Fee Nil( Details of Provisional

Certificate will be covered in DMC)

4. Duplicate Provisional Certificate fee Rs:250/-

5. Original Certificate Fee Rs:100/-

6. Correction in name, D.O.B, Father’s name Fee Rs 200/-(No fee

Corrections within three months of

Declaration of result)

7. Amanuensis Fee Nil

8. Jury of Appeal Fee Rs 300/-

9. Re Totaling Fee Rs 300/- per paper.

10. Attempt/Appearance Certificate Rs 100/-





11. 1 st Registration Fee ( Schools) Rs:500/- Rs:6000/- 

12. Annual Extension/Renewal Fee (Schools) Rs:100/- Rs:3000/-

13. 1 st Recognition/Registration Fee (Colleges) Rs: 1000/- Rs: 6000/-

14. Annual Extension/Renewal Fee (Colleges) Rs: 200/- Rs: 3000/-

15. 1 st Recognition/Registration (Primary/Middle) Rs:3000/-

16. Annual Renewal/Registration (Primary/Middle) Rs:1000/-


Criteria for Late/Double/Triple late Fee


Late fee with Rs:100/- = 60-15 days 

Double Late Fee = 45-15 Days

Triple late Fee = 30-7 Days





S No Description of Fee Unit Rate


1. Superintendent Per W/Day (local) Rs: 150/- BPS-17 & above & Rs: 75/- BPS 16 &Above & Below Rs: 75/ per Day
2. Deputy Superintendent PerW/Day (N/Local) Rs 150/- BPS-17 & Above & Rs 75/- BPS-16 & Above Per W/Day ( N/Local) & below Rs 37/- per Day
3. Invigilators/Assitt: Supdtt : Per W/Day (Local) Rs 150/- BPS-17 & Above Rs 75/- BPS-16 & Above Per W/Day(N/Local) & Below Rs:25/- Per Day
4. Inspection fee
Center Inspector SSC/Inter Rs: 50/- Per Day
Resident Inspector SSC Rs: 120/- Per Day
Inter Rs: 150/- Per Day
5. Other Staff
Daftri Per W/Day Rs: 15/-.
Chowkidar PerW/Day Rs: 12/-.
Water Man PerW/Day Rs: 12/-.
Sweeper Fixed Rs: 72/-
Seating arrangements and removal Fixed Rs: 30/- +30/-
Typist Fixed Rs: 36/-
Stationery for Supdtts: Upto 100 candidates Rs: 30/-
More than 100 Rs: 36/-.
6. Laboratory Bills
Lab /Assistant Lab/Attendant Lab/Contingencies
Rs: 1.20/- per candidate
Chemistry Rs:3/- Per Candidate Rs: 5/-Per Candidate
Physics Rs:3/- Per Candidate Rs: 5/- Per Candidate
Biology Rs:3/- Per Candidate Rs:5/- Per Candidate.

Dispatch of Scripts of SSC & HSSC


Fictitious Coding per 1000 papers Rs. 210/- 

Fictitious DE-Coding per 1000 Paper Rs. 240/-




Simple Dispatches Per 1000 Scripts Rs. 90/- 

Coding Dispatches Per 1000 Scripts Rs. 210/-

De-Coding Dispatches Per 1000 Scripts Rs. 240/-


9. Tabulation



Tabulation SSC Rs. 72/- per 100 students

Tabulation Oriental Language Exam Rs. 60/-per students

Tabulation F.Sc Part-I Rs. 84/- per 100 students

Tabulation F.Sc Part-II Rs. 120/-per 100 students

Tabulation F.A Part-I Rs. 72/- per 100 students

Tabulation F.A Part-II Rs. 96/- per 100 students

Cust list and Proof Reading Rs. 42/- per 100(SSC)

Rs. 48/- per 100(Inter)


Head Tabulators Fee (SSC/INTER) Rs. 90/- per 10
Scrutiny SSC Rs. 54/- per 100 students 

Scrutiny Oriental Language Exam Rs. 60/- per 100 students

Scrutiny F.Sc Part-I Rs. 60/- per 100 students

Scrutiny F.Sc Part-II Rs. 78/- per 100 students

Scrutiny F.A Part-I Rs. 60/- per 100 students

Scrutiny F.A Part-II Rs. 72/- per 100 students

Preparation of DMC
Preparation of DMC (SSC) Rs. 1.50 

Checking of DMC (SSC) Rs. 0.60

Rs. 2.10

Preparation of DMC inter Part-I Rs. 1.50

Checking of DMC inter Part-I Rs. 0.60

Rs. 2.10

Preparation of DMC Inter Part-II Rs.1.80

Checking of DMC inter Part-II Rs. 0.60

Rs. 2.40

Re-totaling Fee (Examination )SSC Rs. 3 per script 

Re-totaling Fee (Examination )inter Rs. 4 per script

Re-totaling Fee (Clerk) SSC Rs. 3 per script

Re-totaling Fee (examiners) inter Rs. 4 per script

Head Examiner
Head Examiner Fee Rs. 48/- per Sub Examiner 

Head Examiner (Local) Rs. 24/- per day

Head Examiner (Non Local) Rs. 60/- per day

Checker’s Fee SSC/Inter Rs. 0.36/-

15. Entertainment to Sub/Head-Examiner Rs. 10/- per examiner per day

Filling of Question Papers

Filling of Question Papers (SSC) Rs 15/- per centre per Officer 

Filling of Question Papers (SSC) Rs. 06/- per centre per Clerk

Filling of Question Papers (SSC) Rs. 03/-per Centre per Class

Filling of Question papers (Inter) Rs. 18/- per centre per


Filling of Question papers (Inter) Rs. 8.40 per centre per Clerk

Filling of Question papers (Inter) Rs. 3.60 per centre per Class-

UFM Discipline Committee (SSC/Inter) Rs. 120/- per day +TA/DA 

Jury Committee Members Rs. 180/- per day +TA/DA

Coordinator’s Fee (SSC/Inter) Rs. 360/- per day
Preparation of SSC/Intermediate Original Certificate
Secretary Rs. 0.50/- 

Assistant Secretary Rs. 0.50/-

Section Concerned /Computer Operator Rs. 0.50/-

Rs. 1.50/-

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