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Institutions that are under SEC

Round about there are 36 colleges and universities of national level that are directly under the control of State Education Commission. From all these colleges and universities, 25 are the key institutions that also include internationally known Peking University, Fudan University and Tsinghua University. There are also some specialized universities and colleges in China and there are some key institutions that are dedicated to the ... Full story

Administration System

Actually the State Education Commission which is SEC is the chief administrative organ which is responsible for oversees education in the China. The State Education Commission enforce and formulate policies, laws and principles that concern education and also coordinates the various operation of the government agencies of the individual schools. Basically the influence of the State Education Commission is directly felt in the institutions of ... Full story

Adult Education System

Actually the adult education system of China is for all those who organize into Workers Primary Schools, Literacy classes and Peasants Primary Schools. In the adult secondary education there are different types of schools that include specialized secondary schools for cadres, TV/Radio specialized secondary schools, secondary schools for workers and staff, during services teacher’s training schools, secondary schools for the peasants and also correspondence specialized ... Full story

Higher Education System

The higher education system at the level of undergraduate always includes two years two years’ junior colleges, four year’s colleges and universities. There are many types of universities and colleges that offer graduate programs that lead to the Master’s or PhD degree programs.   For more information about Study in China please visit here: Full story

Secondary Education System

The secondary education of China is divided into regular type secondary education and in vocational and technical secondary education system. Actually the regular secondary education of China consists of junior middle school system and senior middle school system. The junior middle school system will always involve either three years of schooling or four years of schooling but depends on the system. On the other hand ... Full story

Primary Education System

The primary education of China includes education of pre-schools and also the education of elementary schools. According to the rules children must enter in pre-schools or kindergarten at the age of three until age six. Usually elementary schools in China begin with the first grade and then proceeds to either five or six grades of study and depend on the system. Usually the academic year ... Full story

Compulsory Education Law

According to education law of China each child should have nine years of formal education. To meet the requirement of this law it is must that child must attend either five years of secondary school or either six years of elementary education. According to the Law of compulsory education each child should have to complete at least nine years of formal schooling system. According to ... Full story

Study Fees in China

From the year 1950, China has started to accept overseas students and in the past few years the number of foreign students increased greatly. All the programs that are available in the Chinese education system are actually diverse in catering to all type of needs of the foreign students. All the foreign students include that come to study in China includes undergraduate students, postgraduate students, ... Full story

China Top Colleges & Universities List

At the end of year 2004, China was having more than 2,200 colleges and universities in it with having more than 20 million students that were studying. In the year 2008, more than 6 million Chinese students were graduated from the Chinese universities. In start of the year there were more than 3000 universities in China that means that the education of china is tremendously ... Full story

China Top Colleges and Universities in Municipalities

Municipalities: Beijing : National (Direct):   Peking University Tsinghua University Renmin University of China China University of Geosciences Beihang University Beijing Broadcasting Institute Beijing Foreign Studies University Beijing Forestry University Beijing Jiaotong University Beijing Language and Culture University Beijing Normal University Beijing University of Chemical Technology Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Beijing University of Petroleum Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Central Academy of Drama Central ... Full story
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