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Structure B – Doctoral and Masters programs by Dissertation and Coursework

It is must that candidate who apply for postgraduate study in Malaysia must have to register and also have to pass a prescribed number of taught subjects. In addition to this he must also conduct a research under the supervision of the institution or academic staff persons. Students also have to submit a dissertation which is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the graduation. Approximately ... Full story

Structure A – PhD and Masters programs by research

It is must that a candidate must conduct research in PhD and Master’s under the supervision of the academic staff and should have to submit thesis to fulfill all the requirements of the graduation. It is also must that students have to register for and pass subjects that are as required by the faculty.   For more information about Study in Malaysia please visit here:... Full story

Programs offered by Malaysian Educational Institutes

Usually there are three types of programs that most of the universities of Malaysia offer that includes:- Structure A – PhD and Masters programs by research Structure B – Doctoral and Masters programs by Dissertation and Coursework... Full story

Very Low Costs of Education in Malaysia

Postgraduate study in Malaysia is very cheap that is the reason most of international students prefer Malaysia as the most competitive educational country of the world. The tuition fees of all postgraduate courses which are offered by Higher Educational Institutions of Malaysia are the lowest from all over the world. The fees of the Malaysian universities are the lowest as compared to the universities fees ... Full story

Choices in Postgraduate Studies in Malaysia

Usually the postgraduate courses in Malaysia are conducted in the English language and is available in many fields of the study at many different institutions that are Different public universities that offer many research based qualifications to international students. Different private colleges that offer all international students postgraduate qualifications that are in collaboration with many other universities that are known as foreign universities of countries like UK, ... Full story

Malaysia Student Visa Interview Questions

There are many types of questions that are asked during the student pass interview. Embassies of different countries ask the same questions but there are some things that are different from each country university. Here is a list of all those questions that are asked in the embassy of Malaysia when you wish to study in Malaysia that are:- Q1.   Are you ready for the interview? Q2.   ... Full story

Malaysia Education System

The education system in Malaysia is usually overseen by the two government ministers of Malaysia. The Ministry of Education of Malaysia handles all the pertaining matters that are to pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and post secondary schools. All those matters that are regarded to tertiary education are actually dealt by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. Although the education system of Malaysia is ... Full story

Private Funded Educational Institutes of Malaysia

In Malaysia all the private educational providers are usually grouped into two types of categories that depends on the levels of the education that they offer which is ranged from the pre-school to the tertiary education systems. These types of two categories of the private institutions are as under Private Educational Institutions: These types of private educational institutes provide best education at the primary, preschool and also ... Full story

Government Funded Educational Institutions of Malaysia

The government of Malaysia provides primary and secondary which is more than 96% and also provides tertiary education which is more than 60% and provide the best education with the private sector for balance education.   For more information about Study in Malaysia please visit here: Full story

Tertiary Education System in Malaysia

At the level of tertiary education system, all the institutions of the higher learning systems offer different courses that lead to the awards of the certificate, first degree, diploma and also the higher degree qualifications which are necessary at the professional and academic fields. The study duration for all type of basic bachelor degree programs in Malaysia are actually for 3 years and the courses ... Full story
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