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Postgraduate Study in Norway

According to the rule of the Norwegian government the universities and colleges don’t charge any type of tuition fees from the international students. You can get higher education in the postgraduate studies in Norwegian universities and colleges but you have to take in to consideration that the living expenses in Norway are very high than from other educational countries of the world. You can easily ... Full story

Scholarship Programs for Postgraduate Students

All those students that are UK students that are the students of undergraduate degree programs or postgraduate degree programs that include Masters and some other PhD programs are interested in spending their time studying in the Norway with the help of Erasmus scheme. Actually this program is open to all type of subject areas but best is to check with your institution’s Erasmus coordinator that ... Full story

Government Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies

The government organization named Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships provides disadvantage students with the lifetime opportunity to participate in the international studies of the world. All the qualified applicants must be receiving the Pell Grant and are able to demonstrate significant financial needs that are above and beyond. Actually the goal of the Gilman Scholarships is to diversify all the future global leadership. These leaderships ... Full story

Available Postgraduate Courses in Norway

Much of the Norwegian post graduate study offers the same subjects as in the UK. They also offer an interesting choice of the agricultural science and the natural science courses. There are many types of Masters Courses that are offered in the English language while the main language of the teaching is usually conducted in the Norwegian language. Students do opt for the Norwegian language ... Full story

General Requirements for Postgraduate Studies in Norway

There are many types of general requirements for the postgraduate study programs in Norway that are:- International students that wish to apply for postgraduate study programs in Norway must have completed bachelor degree level which is internationally recognized. These degrees also include the courses that should be equal to at least one and half year of full time studies. It is must that students have to show ... Full story

Norway Student Visa Interview Questions

There are many types of questions that are asked in the interview for the study visa process of the Norway. Some of the most frequently asked questions in the interview for Norway are as under. Shall I start the interview? Do you an interpreter with you or do you need interpreter? What is your reason to study abroad? What is the reason of choosing Norway as your study ... Full story

Norway Education System

The education system of the Norway is actually the mandatory for all children that are aged 6 to 16. Actually the school year in the Norway usually runs from the mid of the August to the late June of the next year. The Christmas holidays in Norway usually start from the mid December to the early January and is historically divides the school year of ... Full story

Norwegian Day-Care facilities for the School Children

In much of the families of Norway, both the parents usually remain out at work during the complete day. So if they are having children in the lower primary schools than they need day care facilities for their children at both the before and after school hours. All type of day-care facilities that are for the school children are must to provide different facilities to ... Full story

Norwegian Education and Training System for the Adults

The lifelong learning and opportunities for the education for all type of adults are very important principles in the educational policy of Norway.  All type of adults in Norway should have the possibility to strengthen all their competence throughout their career pathways that are diverse. All type of adults who need it will have statutory type of rights for the primary and lower secondary education ... Full story

Norwegian Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programs

Basically the higher education structure of Norway which is followed since 2003 is consisting of three years bachelor’s degree programs, two years master’s degree programs and also three years of doctoral degree programs.   For more information about Study in Norway please visit here: Full story
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