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Teach English in Norway

In Norway there are very small quantities of peoples who speak English language so they need any teacher to teach them English language. International students can easily get this teaching job because they are armed with the TOEFL/TESOL certificates. International students can easily work abroad as English teacher and can have the experiences the life of locals of Norway. When you will teach English to ... Full story

Learn the Norwegian Language to get Job

The language of Norway will be very helpful to get the job easily in Norway. There are many positions in hotels and restaurants of the Norway where English language is considered as the second language. All these types of jobs need a person that is well proficient with the Norwegian language. English is considered as the corporate language in the petroleum sector and its better ... Full story

Search the BI Library

Usually the database at the library will provide you with some of the most useful information about most of the companies. The best is to read the National and International Newspapers and search for different company’s key information because it will increase your chance of getting job. You can easily get the key information through the databases of Library.   For more information about Study in ... Full story

Students should be Proactive and Creative

If you are a student than think carefully about what you can easily offer to the potential employers. All of your previous working experience that includes part time, full time or voluntary experience, your education, and position of the responsibility, personal skills and previous achievements are all very important to get the job of your dreams.   For more information about Study in Norway please visit ... Full story

Graduate Study in Norway

The graduate study programs in Norway are actually the best programs in the world that suits every student from any country of the world. Norway is also included in the list of the leading countries that conform to the guidelines from the Bologna Process which is in the European higher education. By adopting the higher education standard of the European countries, international students can obtain ... Full story

Specialized University Colleges for graduate studies

Actually these types of specialized university colleges are the independent research institutions that offer specialized professional degree programs at the university level. There are round about five of the specialized university colleges in Norway that are located in the capital city of Norway which is Oslo that includes the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, the Norwegian School of Theology (MF), the Norwegian Academy of Music, ... Full story

Universities of Graduate Study Programs in Norway

There are many universities in Norway that provides quality of education to all the international students who enroll in their universities these are University of Bergen University of Stavanger University of Oslo (Norway's oldest and largest university) University of Tromsø The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) at Ås. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim   For more information about Study in Norway please visit ... Full story

University Sector for Graduate Studies

The country of Norway is having six universities, 25 state university colleges, six specialized university colleges, 29 private university colleges and two state university colleges.  All these colleges and universities are providing the quality of graduate programs for all international students that enroll in their institutes.   For more information about Study in Norway please visit here: Full story

Higher Education System for Graduate Study Programs in Norway

Usually the academic year in the institutions of Norway are mostly run from the mid of the August to the mid of the June. All the courses are usually measured in the Norwegian units that are for the academic workload. Actually the full time workload for the academic year is round about 60 ECTS credits.   For more information about Study in Norway please visit here:... Full story

Postgraduate Study in Norway

According to the rule of the Norwegian government the universities and colleges don’t charge any type of tuition fees from the international students. You can get higher education in the postgraduate studies in Norwegian universities and colleges but you have to take in to consideration that the living expenses in Norway are very high than from other educational countries of the world. You can easily ... Full story
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