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Most available jobs in Germany for students

It is true that the programming jobs in Germany are the most available jobs for international students in Germany. It is because of the growth in the sector of IT and their chances are good to get any type of job in any area of the Germany.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Students help to get the right job

In every university of Germany there are international offices that help students to get the appropriate job. These offices also provide some useful information and tip to find a job in their country. There are many universities in Germany that also offers their own types of job portals for all type of students.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Need of German Language

The German language is not needed in some condition when the international student work in any English speaking international firm or with any organization where English is the common language. Actually the German language is dependent on the type of job and also type of firm or company and it might not be necessary for students to speak German. But on the other hand when ... Full story

Important Factors that Play Vital Role

You have to check regional job portals and search engines and also have to check newspapers frequently because these are the places where you will find the job of your dreams. It is also best and is also a good idea to pay the company in which you want to work for a visit and than introduce yourself personally. This is the best thing because ... Full story

Condition for Permanent Job offers

... Full story

Magazines for Students Career

There are many different magazines that are only focus on the career issues for the university students and also for the young professionals that include Junge Karriere which is the most popular Magazine for students because it has round about all types of jobs in it. Students also visit the website of this magazine and get big information about the employment perspectives in many different ... Full story

Categories of job for International students

There are many jobs that international students can find in the Germany that includes bar jobs, office work jobs, courier work jobs, taxi driving jobs, hostess work jobs, street cleaning jobs in winter. Usually these types of jobs pay students on per hour basis that can be €10-15 per hour. The vacancies in Germany are usually announced and promoted on the newspapers, websites, via student ... Full story

International Students Part Time Work

Many of the students in Germany or any other country work part time to finance their studies. That is the reason foreign students do jobs in the same way without getting any work permit. But the time that is allowed to work part time is limited to 90 days per year and also limited to some hours a week. In some of the federal states ... Full story

Graduate Study in Germany

Actually the higher education of the Germany always attracts the international students, researchers and young scientists of the world to come and feel the difference of study at German institutions of higher education. All the higher institutions of the world are moving towards the European Higher Education system area. Due to this incensement there occur stronger specializations of the institutions which are of higher education ... Full story

Scholarship Programs of DAAD

Actually the scholarship programs of DAAD are opened to all those students and academies that are from different fields of life. Actually the academic committee of DAAD selects students for their scholarships and always selects students on the basis of their academic achievements. DAAD provide one year scholarship program in the initial which can be extended to fund the PhD degree program of German institutes and ... Full story
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