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Questions about you Selected Course

Q6.  What type of course you are going for? Q7.  What is the reason you selected this course? Is this course relevant to your previous studies that you completed? Q8.  What is the reason of taking this course? Q9.  What exactly is the structure of the course and their contents? Q10. Why you don’t want to do this course in your home country? Q11. How long your studies will last? Q12. ... Full story

Questions about New Zealand

Q1.  Why you want to study in New Zealand and not in your country? Q2.  What if you can get an Australian degree here in your country than again would you like to go to New Zealand for you higher studies? Q3.  What is the reason to select New Zealand for higher studies? Isn’t this type of course offered in the college of university of your country? Q4.  ... Full story

New Zealand Education System

Actually the education system of New Zealand is the top class education system in the world and all the qualification that are gained in New Zealand are world wide recognized. New Zealand is having state public school system from more than one hundred years which is also free secular and also compulsory. Actually the education system of New Zealand is modern, ... Full story

International Students in New Zealand

All those international students who wish to study in New Zealand should have proved of their English language aptitude. All students will have to contact the office of the admissions at each school to find out that what types of tests are accepted. For all international students there are some tests that are accepted in New Zealand which are   IELTS which stands for International English Language ... Full story

Secondary Schools and Colleges in New Zealand

Secondary Schools and Colleges in New Zealand:   Most of the secondary schools of the New Zealand are state owned. Some of the Secondary schools in New Zealand are private and some are integrated and are funded by half states and can be affiliated to some particular religion or can be single sex. Actually the Secondary school education of New Zealand is for all those students ... Full story

Foundation Studies in New Zealand

Foundation Studies in New Zealand:   In New Zealand most of the universities and also some of the schools offer foundation studies. Actually foundation studies are for the introduction to the education system and courses of the New Zealand. Foundation Studies are actually useful for all students that consider tertiary education system.     For more information ... Full story

English Language Providers in New Zealand

English Language Providers in New Zealand:   Through out the year most of the private and tertiary English language providers usually have their starting date. Many types of international students enroll in English Languages for their courses of academic studies that are usually prior of formal academic studies. The availability of Special English ... Full story

Private Training Providers in New Zealand

Private Training Providers in New Zealand:   In New Zealand there are many private training providers. Some of the PTE in New Zealand run their courses in some of the particular discipline that includes business and travel and tourism. Private training providers in New Zealand have to register with the New Zealand Qualification Authority. Most of the private training providers run on the timetables that are similar to ... Full story

Educational Colleges in New Zealand

Educational Colleges in New Zealand:     Most of the colleges in New Zealand have merged with the regional universities of New Zealand. In this way the content of the courses and their start dates are usually in line with the Universities of the New Zealand.   For more information about Study in New Zealand please visit here: Full story

Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics in New Zealand

Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics in New Zealand:   Actually the institutes of technologies and polytechnics in New Zealand are owned by the state. Basically the ITP’s of New Zealand always offer many types of courses which are usually equivalent in the merit to all those ... Full story
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