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Further Education System in UK

When ever students reach at the age of 16 then they should have completed their GCSE’s because according to their Law the GCSE’s should be completed at the age of 16. One thing is also very important that when students reach at the age of 16 then have to choose few options for their best life that are Academic Qualifications. Vocational ... Full story

Secondary Education System in UK

The secondary education in the United Kingdom basically starts for all those students that are at the age of 11 years but in some parts of the UK there are some middle schools that educate the students that are up to 12 or 13 years of age. For all international students that are coming to the UK to get secondary education can enter ... Full story

Primary Education in UK

According to a recent search more then 90 % of students in the UK attend publicly funded state schools and more then 8.6 million children’s attend 30,000 schools in England and Wales and in the country of Scotland there are more then 830,000 children’s who attend about 5,000 schools that also includes pre-schools and many other special educations schools. The country of the Northern Ireland ... Full story

UK Education System

The education in the UK is basically a devolved matter with all other countries that are included in the United Kingdom because every country has different education system. Actually the government of the Scotland is responsible for the education of Scotland and the government of the Northern Ireland is responsible for the Northern Ireland Executives and the government of the Wales is responsible for education ... Full story

Need Further Education in UK

If some one needs further education other then these courses such as English language courses, pre-degree courses, vocational and professional training courses. There are more then 600 colleges that are spread all over the UK and offer many different courses. For getting diploma and other vocational courses the fees structure will be as under. Tuition Average Fees Per Academic ... Full story

Expenses for all Post graduate students in uk

Courses Total Tuition Average Fees Per Academic Year Costs of Average Living Per Academic Year (09 Months) Total Average Costs Per Year Medicine 15,500 Pounds 6,700 Pounds 22,200 pounds Science 8,300 Pounds 6,700 Pounds 15,000 Pounds Others 6,400 Pounds 6,700 ... Full story

What will be the cost of university or college courses in uk?

The main cost for colleges and universities that all international students should have are Tuition Fees Living Costs Tuition fees is basically a amount that is charged each year for your all courses and the living costs are the costs for accommodation, bills, food and books and some other expenses. Always check with your university or college for your tuition fees before selecting any course or college. The ... Full story

Study Fees in UK

The tuition fees in UK depend on the courses and universities that you choose but the government of UK has fixed rates for international students. Actually tuition fees are the best means of tuition funding for all type of undergraduates and post graduates certificates for all those international students that are studying in the UK. There are many types of charges that have to be ... Full story

UK Top Colleges & Universities List

There are many schools, colleges and universities in the UK but the most common universities that are very popular in UK are supposed to be the best for higher education. There are many English colleges, graduate schools and British universities in UK which offers many graduate programs that includes applied sciences, engineering, computer science, bio-chemistry, business management, education, law, medicine, mechanical engineering and fine arts ... Full story

Document that give prove of your funds in UK

It is must that you should submit your student visa application four weeks before submitting you application for student visa. You should always be ensuring of satisfactory and acceptable funds before submitting your evidence. The evidence that you will provide to get visa will fulfill the requirements of your living expenses while your study duration in the UK. The total amount of the funds may ... Full story
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