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Study in USA for Pakistanis Students

Lahore, one of the top US Public Affairs Official Brinille Eliane Ellis announced here that it’s in their top priority to encourage Pakistanis students to come USA for study purposes.  It will be a great pleasure for both countries. It will help to promote understanding between two countries. Mr. Brinille Eliane Ellis was the guest speaker at Forman Christian College where a two-day US-funded South Asian ... Full story

Student Jobs in USA

Student Jobs in USA:   The students who study in USA can work to fulfill all their living costs and expenses in the USA. Students that study in the USA always find different jobs according to their education, experience and skills. If you are student and you are looking for job in the USA then there are many types of jobs that are only for students. If ... Full story

Facilities Related to Student Jobs

Most commonly there are many types of facilities in the US that students can get easily that are: US Government Hiring Programs for students US Presidential Management Fellow Programs for students US Pathway Programs for students... Full story

US upon Graduation Entry Level Employment

US upon Graduation Entry Level Employment: When ever students are close to the graduation and after they receive their degrees then they look for the federal opportunities. Usually the General Schedule which is GS is not mostly used in the federal government. The best thing is that you should target your search to all the GS levels which are mostly considered as the entry level ... Full story

US Pathway Programs for students

The SCEP and STEP programs are basically the best programs for student’s entry into the federal government and are actually primary programs. On 27th December 2010, the president of the US signed an order that entitles that “Recruit and Hire student with their grades”. On the other hand these types of programs will not be in process until all the final regulations are implemented. Before ... Full story

US Presidential Management Fellow Programs for students

There is a program which is the best program for more then 03 decades which is known as PMF Program which is the program of Federal Government’s premier leadership development which is mostly for all advanced degree candidates. Actually this program is a centralized based program which is for your yearly applications.     For more information about Study in USA please visit here: Full story

US Government Hiring Programs for students

The best thing in the US for students is that many federal agencies in the US use the Student Career Experience Program which is SCEP to hire students. The federal agencies also hire students with the help of temporary employment programs which is STEP. Actually the word STEP is a short term opportunities which are not longer then one year and with this all the ... Full story

Types of Counselor Jobs in US

Types of Counselor Jobs in US:   Usually there are three types of camp counselor jobs that are:   Camp Counselor for special needs Camp power counselor Jobs of Religious Camp Counselor     For more information about Study in USA please visit here: Full story

Jobs of Religious Camp Counselor

The American camps are proud services for the committed Christians and also for the followers of the Jewish faith. These types of services offer young followers to act as main role model and also to assist for the programming that are needed in the Christian/Jewish summer camp. Usually the faith participants will do the same types of activities as those persons who apply for many ... Full story

Camp power counselor

Actually the camp power counselor is a counselor that usually has all types of powers that camp has. Actually all the power of the camp is remains behind the camp power counselor because without the camp power counselor the camp will never function in a proper way. Most of the peoples love to do this type of job because it will give you a unique ... Full story
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