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Actually studying in the universities of other countries is very expensive investment. The poor students are always affected with high costs of tuition fees of other countries. In the recent years there is increase seen in the tuition fees that’s why students from different countries mostly prefer to low cost tuition fees. There are many countries that have very low costs of tuition fees for all the international students.


Actually the main thing is that tuition fees always vary between different types of courses and also vary between different institutions for all the residential students and also for all international students. According to recent research the cost of the study in USA varies from US$ 4,000 to US$ 40,000 per year or can be more then these costs. In expenses of students the most important thing is the living standards of the students and the location where students prefer to live.


Actually the cost of living always depends on the location where the student is living. Most of the students prefer to live in shared apartments or in shared rooms so that they can save the expenses. Institutions also provide accommodation but that accommodation may be expensive so mostly students prefer to live out side their campuses in shared apartments.  The best way to minimize student’s expenses is less telephone bills and to control all other expenses.


Most of the expenses can be easily met while working in the campuses. Campuses mostly pay from US$ 5 to US$ 15 per hour to all international students. All the foreign students can work 20 hours per week and during holidays can work up to 40 hours per week. The university allows all those students that pass minimum nine months (02 Semesters) out side campuses jobs.


All those students that receive any aid like RA/TA/Fellowship or GA never worries about the costs and expenses and all those students that don’t receive any aid must prepare there selves for tuition fees and living costs before coming to USA. In some of the universities of the USA the jobs are very short that is the reason the internationals students will always face difficulties.


So any student who prefer to these universities must have Scholarships or adequate funds to fulfill all their expenses. In some of the universities the tuition fees of the last semester can be paid after graduation and there are also some universities where tuition fees are waived after best performance of student in the first semester and some other departments of the university also offer scholarship to those top internationals students.


According to 2011 rules tuition fees for some of the universities of the USA are as under


University Tuition Fees(/yr)* More+

At Dallas University Of Texas 16,500(Out-of-State), 9,500(In-state) P/T jobs are very Few in number but the living costs are normal. 


At Arlington University of Texas 13,500(Out-of-State), 8,500(In-state) P/T jobs are very Few in number but the living costs are normal. 


NJIT 19,500(Out-of-State), 13,000(In-State) Opportunities of AID very few and the cost of living is little higher. 


University of Texas A&M 10,000(Out-of-State) Costs of living are normal and AIDS are given after one semester. 


University of Arizona State 20,000(Out-of-State), 7,500(In-State) AID is very low. 


Arizona University 18,000 (Out-of-State), 5,000 (In-State) AIDS are very good after one semester. 


Illinois Institute of Technology 12,000 AID Opportunities are very few. 


SUNY University at Buffalo 12,000(Out-of-State), 6,500(In-state) AIDS are very less but good AID facilities for Ph.D students. 


University of Ohio State 24,000(Out-of-State), 12,000(In-State) After one semester AIDS are provided. 


South California University 25,500 AIDS are very few that can be taken in the beginning or better you should have enough funds. 


Cincinnati University 22,000(Out-of-State), 11,000(In-State) Very Good aids and have very good location and mostly support MS students. 


Illinois University, Chicago 25,000(Out-of-State), 13,000 (In-State) Very good location and good GRE/GPA is required for AIDS. 


Florida University 22,000(Out-of-State),7,500(In-State) Very nice location and Reputed University. 


University  of Clemson 15,000(Out-of-State), 7,000(In-State) Very fair AIDS scenes. 


Missouri University -Rolla 10,000 Very excellent university in Electromagnetic and have Fair aid Scene. 


University of Wayne State 15,5000(Out-of-State), 7,000(In-state) Easily available P/T and is also very cheap. 


University of Washington State 19,000(Out-of-State), 7,500(In-State) Very Good aid Scene and excellent Location 


Wisconsin University -Madison 25,000(Out-of-State),12,000(In-State) This is very top Ranked University. 


University of Portland State 13,800(Out-of-State),10,500(In-State) Very good location and also very good for VLSI. 


Dayton University 11,500 No application fees and very good for Aerospace. 


University of North Carolina State 21,000(Out-of-State),6,500(In-State) Very good location and good ranked University. 


University of Drexel 26,000 Excellent location. 


Utah University 15,000(Out-of-State),4,500(In-State) Very good foe EE/CS and Cheap. 


Houston University 11,000 (out-of-state), 4,000(In-State) Very good for Telecom with excellent Location. 


North Carolina University Charlotte 17,500(Out-of-State),5,500(In-State) Very Fair AID scene. 



  • Note: All the prices and costs are in US$ and include tuition fees per year that includes only 02 semesters.




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