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Forms of Visa Information for Australia

When some one apply for student visa 'Applying for a student visa' (pdf 110kb)   Country Assessment Levels – Read this document before applying for visa     Fees or Charges Form 990i   Student Dependant Nomination Form 919 (pdf 165kb)   Visa forms for Guardians Form 157G (pdf 354kb) Form 157N (pdf 174kb)   Temporary entrants Health requirements form Form 1163i ... Full story

Application forms for Australia Visa

Application form for all type of students on temporary visa Form 157A (pdf 536kb)   Application form for all type of electronic students on temporary visa Form 157E   Note: the eligibility for US Study Abroad is restricted and is also restricted for Norwegian and Swedish students that are over 18 years of age   Application form for ... Full story

Conditions of Student Visa for Australia

First of all you must satisfy your attendance and also course requirements and should maintain a valid enrolment for your all courses   Secondly you can not work unless or until you have been granted work permission   Thirdly your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) must be maintained before getting visa of Australia   Forth one is that before your visa ... Full story

Places offer in a course and the confirmation of their enrolment

There are many places that are offered in courses that depends on nationality of student If the student is applying from any other country except Australia then your visa application will always be assessed according to Assessment Level 3, 4 or 5, but you should provide these things: Provide letter that should ... Full story

General Requirements for Australia Study Visa

There are many things that are required for visa that are   you should have good character   you should have sound health   you should have any acceptable health insurance with the help of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself and also for members of your family unit that will accompanying you to Australia   you should don’t have any outstanding debts to the Australian ... Full story

Sub-classes of Student Visa for Australia

Subclass 570 Independent ELICOS This subclass is for all those international students that undertake ELICOS which is basically English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students as one and only course and don’t commence any other degree course.   Subclass 571 Schools This subclass is for those international students that undertake primary school or secondary school courses that includes courses ... Full story

Geography of the Australia

Actually due to very wide variety of biographic region the geography of the Australia encompasses. Australia is the world’s smallest continent but is the sixth largest country from all the established countries of the world. Actually the population of the Australia basically concentrates along the southern and eastern coasts. Basically the geography of the country is extremely diverse due to snow copped mountains, with large ... Full story

Australian Government

The government of Australia has democracy and is Symbolic executive power which is vested in British monarch which is mostly represented through out the country by governor generals. Actually the common wealth of the country is federal constitutional monarchy which came under the parliamentary democracy. The Australian government’s commonwealth was actually formed in the year 1901 by making an agreement with six self governing British ... Full story

Time Zones of Australia

Because of large size of Australia there are usually three different time zones and in some parts daylight savings also comes and also in some of the parts of Australia especially in summer period.   Australia Time Zones Australia Eastern standard time (AEST) Greenwich Time (GMT) is 10 hours Plus Capital Territory of Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria  and Tasmania Central standard ... Full story

Climate of Australia

According to recent research nearly one third part of the Australia is in tropics and the rest part of Australia is in temperature zone. The coldest areas of the Australia are mostly in the south-eastern corner that is the corner of the Tasmania and mainland.   Seasons in Australia Autumn March to May Winter June to August Spring September to November Summer December to February For more information about Study in ... Full story
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