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FPSC issues Syllabus For CSS Exams 2017

The rules and syllabus for CSS exams 2017 have been issued by Federal Public Service Commission. According to FPSC, the syllabus is available for all the subjects of FPSC. These subjects include: environmental science, gender studies, geography, geology, governance & public policies, international law, IR, journalism & mass communication, law, mercantile law, Muslim law & jurisprudence, Pashto, Persian, philosophy, Physics, political science, psychology, ... Full story

Pakistan Affairs CSS Past Paper 2012

CSS Pakistan Affairs Past Papers 2012 can help you to prepare your CSS Exams 2013 or any other CSS exams. Attempt only four questions. Q2 Discuss critically the role of Silsalah(Orders)in the development and progess of Muslim society in the Sub-Continent of Indo-Pakistan. Q3 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan believed in "Trinity of ideas" i.e loyalty,devotion and aloofness".Discuss it in perspective of his reformation movement. Q4 Before ... Full story
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