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Scholarship Programs of DAAD

Actually the scholarship programs of DAAD are opened to all those students and academies that are from different fields of life. Actually the academic committee of DAAD selects students for their scholarships and always selects students on the basis of their academic achievements. DAAD provide one year scholarship program in the initial which can be extended to fund the PhD degree program of German institutes and ... Full story

Tuition Fees of Graduate study Programs

The tuition fees for the graduate study programs are introduced in the recent year which is approximately €500 per semester and is introduced in the summer semester of 2007. In the recent year it is also decided to have a time penalty fee and also a fee which is required to start a new course of studies. Actually in Germany the graduate degree programs are ... Full story

Germany’s Higher Education System

Actually if you see the history of the German universities than you will come to know that the education for their enormous contributions to learn the best especially during the centuries of 19th and 20th. The education of Germany has an ancient tradition to further the education of the students in different fields of life. From some years there is much deliberation which is seen ... Full story

Requirements of the Application

There are many types of documents that are attached with your application for the postgraduate study programs that are 1.      Required higher and senior secondary school certificate. 2.      Required Bachelor’s Degree Certificates. 3.      Required Diploma course certificates if you have any. 4.      Required sometimes your work experience certificates. 5.      Required letter of recommendation. 6.      Required certificate that shows your scores of the examinations that are taken place in your home country. Actually ... Full story

Procedure of The Application

Students can easily avail all type of application forms from the international offices of their selected universities of Germany. This is the best way to get adequate information through the well known Germanic Academic Exchange Services. 1.      Along with all valid copies of the necessary or required document there is a need to submit filled forms. All those students who apply for the Management courses have ... Full story

Students Eligibility

In order to enroll you for the degree programs of Germany there is a need that you should have master’s degree or can have higher education qualification degree. Actually the Bachelor’s degree of four years is the eligibility criteria for all the postgraduate courses of Germany. There are some universities in Germany that also accepts a study of three years undergraduate programs.   For more information about ... Full story

Postgraduate Programs in Germany

Actually there are two most common types of Master’s programs that are available in the institutions of Germany that are 1.      Offer different courses that are based on the preceding courses from the same subject area or any other related fields. 2.      Offer courses that actually act as supplementary post graduate programs whose aim is to offer knowledge of the student of many other subjects. You should note ... Full story

Exchange Programs in Germany

All those students that are on undergraduate degree courses or Mater degree programs or are on any PhD programs can show their interest in the study of Germany with the help of Erasmus schemes. Actually this program covers all types of subjects area but you can check what type of links your university has with your university’s Erasmus coordinator that are usually based in the ... Full story

Is There any Scholarship Available in Germany

1.      Actually the German Academic Exchange Service which is known as DAAD always offer one year scholarships for the research of the Doctoral that can also be used to support the Mater’s courses. 2.      DAAD which is well known in Germany also provides information on different types of scholarship programs from many other foundations. You can search their database for more information on how to get ... Full story

How much Postgraduate Education Will Cost

1.      You don’t have to pay tuition fees in any institute of Germany but there are some who will charge fees of round about EUR 500 per semester. Actually these universities are the federal state universities because the federal state of Germany has announced some sort of tuition fees for their universities. 2.      The fees of the postgraduate courses have to be paid by the students ... Full story
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