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Norway Student Visa Documents

All those students who plan to study abroad especially in Norway for more than three months period is requested to apply for the residence permit with study permit. According to the rules of Norway the visa is issued only for 90 days that includes some certain summer school programs. All the Canadian citizen students can vacation in Norway for 3 months without taking any visa. ... Full story

Documents requirement for exchange programs of Norway

All the regulations that are mentioned in this category are also valid for the exchange student programs for all non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries. There is also a need of valid documents with the application if your stay is financed through the scholarships, through student loans or through other public funding. All the documents that will be submitted must contain the total amount which is converted in to ... Full story

Documents for Canadian Applicants to Study in Norway

It is must that all the Canadian applicants must submit their application to the Norwegian Foreign Mission in the Canada and it is must that they should submit their application in person. All the applications that are sent by mail or by email will not be entertained and in some cases applicants expects that they should call for an interview but it won’t happen. The ... Full story

Norway Study Visa

The Directorate of Immigration of Norway which is known as UDI is actually the public agency which is responsible for the processing of all the applications that are submitted for the resident permits of the students in Norway. All those students that wish to study in Norway for more than 3 months period must apply for the residence permit with their student permit. This rule ... Full story

Part Time Work for International Students

When you will be granted first time student residence permit than you will be automatically granted a work permit to work part time while studying in Norway. If you want to renew your work permit than it will automatically be renewed with out any problem. Usually the duration of part time work permit is same as the duration of your study permit. On the other ... Full story

Resident Permit after Completion of the Studies

All those person who have recently completed their researchers or studies in Norway can may be granted resident permit that should be up to six months which is the period of job seeker that take this time to seek employment as a skilled worker or as a specialist. Usually there are two things that are required for the resident permit that are You should be well qualified ... Full story

International Students from EU/EEA Countries

If you are the national of EEA and wish to enroll in Norway for more than three months duration than you have to register with the police and should have basis for the residence. It is also must that you should have valid identity card and passport with you and also should have a document that shows that you will not be burden to the ... Full story

International Student from Countries of Non-Nordic and Non-EU/EEA

It is must that all those international students that are from Non-Nordic and Non-EU/EEA countries must have to be admitted for the full time studies programs of the universities of Norway before they apply. Usually the lengths of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are more than 3 months so it is also essential to obtain residence permit before entering Norway. In all these cases the ... Full story

Procedure to Apply Norway Study Visa

At the end of the February 2011, a new rule was launched and according to this rule every international student has to register their applications online.  International students can also their applications in the independent of the opening hours and make an appointment to deliver all type of relevant documents that are required to get student visa to the appropriate police station or to the ... Full story

Geography of the Norway

The country of Norway is the best country for study purposes in the world and is located in the Northern Europe on the northern and western parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway also has border with the North Sea in the southwest and Skagerrak in its south and the North Atlantic Ocean which is the Norwegian Sea and is in the west and also the ... Full story
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