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Liability Insurance of Institutions

Actually the charges of the Liability insurance are those charges that cover and compensate all type of unintentional damages. These type of charges are taken from students because if students get any damage then they will provide the services free of costs.     For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Social Fees of Institutes

All international students have to pay social fees which is also known social services that includes students dinning halls, residences of the students, facilities of athletics and fees of administrative.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Semester Contribution in Institutions of Germany

It is must that all the international students who came to study in the institutions of Germany will have to pay semester contribution and this contribution depends on the services that it provides. You can also get more information about semester contribution from your chosen institute or university. There are many things that are included in the semester contribution that are according to the study ... Full story

Tuition Fees in Germany

Actually the government of the Germany is funding primary to the university education of all the public institutions. In the year 2010, there were only 5 states out of 16 states of Germany which were charged tuition fees at all the state funded institutions. According to the new rule all of the 11 states from 16 states of Germany will provide tuition free of costs ... Full story

Outstanding Quality of Education in Germany

The country of Germany is actually Synonymous with quality of education and holds big standard in the field of education. Most of the universities and colleges in Germany are actually state funded and there is no concept to buy degree of any type. The German education is the best in the world because merit is the only criteria for the admission in German universities.   According to ... Full story

About Germany

Actually Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in Europe and has 16 states. The capital of the Germany is Berlin which is also the largest city. The country of Germany covers an area of approximately 3, 57,821 kilometers and has climate with largely seasonal temperate. The Germany is the most popular state of the members list with more than 81 million inhabitants and is also ... Full story

Transportation in Germany

The transportation of Germany includes highway roads which are total of 6, 40,850 km with paved are 512,352 km and with unpaved are 145,200 km. The railway tracks or railroads in Germany are total of 45,578 km in which standard gauge is 44,000km and narrow gauge is 1,578 km. There are many airports in Germany that are of total 660 which includes runways that are   with ... Full story

Economy of the Germany

Many years have been passed after the fall of Berlin Wall, Germany progress towards the economic integration which is between western and eastern Germany which is clearly visible but the eastern region almost certainly remain dependent on all the subsidies that are funded by the western Germany.  The western Germany has the most capita output than eastern Germany which is three times per Capita and ... Full story

Leaders and Political parties in Germany

There are many types of political parties in Germany which are as under   Christian Social Union which is well known as CSU Party of Democratic Socialism which is well known as PDS Christian Democratic Union which is well known as CDU National Democratic Party which is well known as ... Full story

Government of the Germany

The government of Germany includes many names such as Federal republic of Germany and Bundesre publik Deutschland. Actually the government type of Germany is Federal republic. There were many types of government after the independence of Germany in the 18th January 1871 which is divided into four zones of occupation which are know as US, UK, USSR and France after World War II which ... Full story
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