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Foreign Relations and Defense

For the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the UK is actually the founding member and is also one of the NATO’s major European Maritime, land powers and air. It is the third country in list of the NATO’s defense expenditure. Actually the UK is a member of the European Community from 1973. Actually UK is supposed to be the permanent member of the United Nations ... Full story

Protection of the Consumers in Australia

In the world Australia is supposed to be the best country to provide quality education and best training to all international students. There are many things in which you will encounter problems with your courses and institutions. The best thing is that the Government of Australia has made many laws to protect you when you are at these times and will help you to understand ... Full story

Students Plagiarism in Australia

Actually the word plagiarism means when someone takes other work and submits that work for assessment by making it as your own. This happens when someone copies blocks of texts from other reference books and show as your own assignment and neglects the original source. In the country of Australia Plagiarism is supposed to be the most serious offence and there are many types of ... Full story

Political conditions of the United Kingdom

Since 1997, the labor government that was in power firstly under the supervision of Prime Minister Tony Blair and then after Tony Gordon Brown has already lost its majority in the House of Commons in the election that was held in the month of May and the year was 2010. In the commons it was the first time to lose their majority since 1974 but ... Full story

Students Assessments in Australia

The final grades are usually based on the performances that students perform in different assignments that can be written or practical and mostly depends on the course you choose. Actually it means that how much you took attended discussions and how much you speak in discussions and how much you contributed etc. You can be continuously assessed through out the semesters and its best to ... Full story

Australian Tutorials and Lectures

The classes in the Australia are actually a mixture of the tutorials and lecturers. Most of the lectures in the Australia are attended by more then 200 students that are from different courses. Actually the tutorial is smaller and need minimum 30 students to attend it. All the information that is provided in the lectures is always discussed by different students with themselves and also ... Full story

UK Government official’s Principals

Prime Minister: David Cameron (Head of Government of Conservative Party) Head of the State: Queen’s Elizabeth II Ambassador to UN: mark Lyall Grant Ambassador to U.S: Nigel Sheinwald State’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Affairs: William Hague Deputy Prime Minister: Nick Clegg (from the Party of Liberal Democrat) For more information about study in uk visit here: Full story

Government of the UK

Actually the United Kingdom has not written any constitution but the equivalent body of the law was totally based on the common wealth, statute and traditional rights. All the changes that was made came through the new act of parliament, informally through the acceptance of all the new practices and usages and also by the judicial precedents. The government of the UK has the power ... Full story

The expansion of the British and Empire

The policy of Britain for an active involvement in the continent of European affairs was basically endured for hundreds of years. At the end of the 14th century all the foreign trade that was based on the wool experts to the Europe was basically emerged as the cornerstones of the national policy which was made at that time. English trade was protected by the sea ... Full story


Both the Scotland and Wales were actually independent kingdoms that always resisted the rule of English. Actually the Wales English conquest was succeeded in the year 1282 under the rule act of Edward I, and established English rule after the period of two years. Actually the Scotland and England were both ruled under one crown in the beginning of 1603, it was actually a time ... Full story
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