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Folk High Schools in Norway

The best possibility for all international students in the Norway is the Folk High School which is actually not a high school but has all the opportunities of post school for all type of students who wish to experience their knowledge and culture with some other young peoples that are from Norway or from the rest of the world. Actually the Folk High ... Full story

Financing in Norway

Actually the education of Norway is free so there are no tuition fees at any higher education institution but fee can be imposed for some certain type of professional programs, study at some of the private institutions and special educational programs. Actually the living grants are only awarded to all those international students that are selected for the fellowship programs. There is also a need ... Full story

Entrance Requirement in Institutions of Norway

It is must that all international students must fulfill the same entrance requirements that are for Norwegian students. All these type of requirements may vary and depends on the country in which applicant student completed his / her secondary and primary education. It is must that the applicant should have completed the upper secondary education. There is also some specific type of entry requirements for ... Full story

Educational System in Institutions of Norway

Norway is included in all those leading countries conforming to their guidelines in the European higher education system. The degree of Norway is based on the bachelor’s, PhD and Masters and for that the structure has been successfully implemented with the ECTS credit systems of Norway. It is also very easy for the institutions of the Norway to obtain recognition of their qualifications in many ... Full story

Norwegian Scholarship Programs for International Students

The Norwegian scholarship programs offer many things that are The Erasmus program of Norway offers scholarships to all those students who are from the EEA/EU countries. The Erasmus Mundus programs always offer scholarships to all the Master courses students. The Nordplus Higher Education programs always offer scholarships to all those students that are from Norway or are from any Baltic country. The YTGGDRASIL which stands for Young Guest and ... Full story

About Norway

The country of Norway is actually a country that occupies the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, the artic archipelago of the Svalbard, Jan Mayen and Bouvet Island. The country of Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometers and has round about 5 million populations. The country of Norway is actually the second least densely populated country in the whole Europe. The majority ... Full story

No Tuition Fee for Students in Norway

The colleges of Norway offer many programs that last from 1 year to 4 years period. Most of their programs are profession-specific that is the reason their graduates become professional or para professional in their respected fields of study that includes engineering, teaching, health services, social work, librarianship, administration, journalism, economics etc. The state colleges of Norway play an important role after their involvement in ... Full story

Quality of Education in Norway

Norway is a country that has very wide range of best quality courses and great flexibility that is the reason the institutions of Norway proves to be an ideal destination for study purpose. There are plenty of opportunities for the international students to fulfill their all ambitions from their studies of vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctorate level studies.  You will also be benefited from ... Full story

Study in Norway

Norwegian education system has internationalization which is main priority in its all educational sectors. The colleges and universities of Norway are continuously working very hard to facilitate their education for all type of international students. According to the year 2010, there were more than 15,000 international students who were studying in the Norwegian higher educational institutions. International students from all over the world can apply ... Full story

Environment of Norway

Through out the Norway country the dramatic and stunning landscape and scenery is found. The parts of west coast and southern Norway and also the coast of the northern always present some of the most impressive coastal sceneries from all the countries of the world. The national geographic has also listed Norwegian fjords as the world’s best and top for all type of tourists. According ... Full story
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