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Student’s partner and children

When your partner or children want to be with you in New Zealand than you have to apply for the visitor visa or when they want to study then they will have to apply for student visa as well.   For more information about Study in New Zealand please visit here: Full story

TOEL Institutes

Actually the TOEFL language is used in the many different North American institutions of tertiary. Actually TOEFL helps you to write, read and listen so that you can understand the lecturers of institutions. In most of the tertiary institutions the requirements for English language are strict for all international students. You should have to find out what type of English standards you need for all ... Full story

IELTS Institutes

The English language test named IELTS which stands for International English Language Testing System is the most used process for the tertiary institutions in Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand. Actually IELTS always assesses your abilities to write, read and speak and to listen and also to understand lectures in English.     For more information about Study in New Zealand please visit here: Full story

Qualifications for English Language

In most of the English language schools in New Zealand you can easily take English language classes. You don’t need to get qualifications in the General English but this is the best thing to prepare yourself for the further studies and easy to communicate in English easily. In most of the language schools of New Zealand you will also have to study for one of the ... Full story

Levels and Qualification of study for International Students

Usually there are 10 most common types of study levels in schools and universities of the New Zealand. The lowest level from all these levels are the certificate and the highest level from all these levels is the doctoral degree. These are the names of the levels and their best qualifications that are Certificates in New Zealand are included at levels no 1 to ... Full story

Code of practice for International Students

Actually the ministry of education in New Zealand operates a code of practice for all international students. It usually covers pastoral care, provision of information and accommodation.   For more information about Study in New Zealand please visit here: Full story

Study in New Zealand

The study of New Zealand is also considered as the best study in the world. Actually New Zealand has international reputation for providing best quality education in the world. New Zealand is also well known because it has very progressive educational system in most of the states with having art facilities. This country is also the best because it offers very safe learning environment that ... Full story

Secondary Education in New Zealand

All students have to commence Secondary education of the New Zealand with in the age limit of 13 years. Actually there is a wide range of subjects that can be studied in the schools and universities through out the country. Usually the courses in New Zealand are actually based on four terms and are usually commenced in the start of February and always finish in ... Full story

Accommodation and living costs in New Zealand

Some of the secondary schools offer many boarding facilities while some other secondary schools arrange home stays for all the international students. The universities and polytechnics in New Zealand offer students on campus accommodation but some of students prefer to live off campuses because of many reasons. These types of students always seek advice from the student’s support services that are provided by most of ... Full story

English language training in New Zealand

The choices in New Zealand are actually endless. The private English language schools offer a big variety of courses that are for all the ages of life that includes business, adventure and academic programs. Actually the adventure courses always provide a balance of all the English language tuitions and also a stimulating activity of the choices. There are many different courses in the English that ... Full story
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