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Student Jobs in UK

The UK is the most wanted country not only for education but also for best jobs that can easily be found by all those students that have successfully completed bachelor’s education. Jobs for all those students that did not completed their bachelors level is also found easily. That means that the jobs in the UK can easily be found. The job varies according to area ... Full story

Graduate Study in UK

The study in the UK for graduates programs are increasing day by day because of the best education in the world. The increasing number of graduate students from all over the world is mostly choosing UK the best country and also their first destination for higher education. The reason for considering UK as their first destination by the international students is because the UK education ... Full story

Diplomas and certificates of Postgraduate in UK

These diploma and certificates are mostly taught courses that have best qualification and last for nine months. Actually they also follow the same program which is the same as Masters degree but are mostly assessed with the help of exams and with out thesis. The most common diplomas and certificates of postgraduate are PG Dip that is known as Post graduate ... Full story

Postgraduate Study in UK

The post graduate studies of the UK always offer fantastic opportunities to international students that can be at home country or can be abroad. Anyone can avail the facilities of the UK postgraduate study and is possible because the UK postgraduate study systems are the best systems in the world. Actually the postgraduate study system also has excellent reputation in the whole world. Whenever you ... Full story

List of Colleges & Universities in UK

A Abingdon and Witney College Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (Bournemouth) Ardingly College (Haywards Heath) Arnold & Carlton College (Nottingham) Ayr College B Barking College Barnet College Barnsley ... Full story

UK Student Visa Interview Questions

There are many questions that are ask in an interview for student visa of UK according to the country because questions for every country are mostly different but there are some important questions that are mostly same for all countries of the world. There are many types of questions that Ambassadors ask while taking interview but some of the most common questions that are mostly ... Full story

Higher Education System in UK

Actually UK is having very vast variety of higher educations to offer to international students and provide the opportunities to select any university that is offering the best degree programs for all those students that apply from UK and also to all those students that apply from other countries of the world. Actually in the UK one third students mostly go to some form of ... Full story

Further Education System in UK

When ever students reach at the age of 16 then they should have completed their GCSE’s because according to their Law the GCSE’s should be completed at the age of 16. One thing is also very important that when students reach at the age of 16 then have to choose few options for their best life that are Academic Qualifications. Vocational ... Full story

Secondary Education System in UK

The secondary education in the United Kingdom basically starts for all those students that are at the age of 11 years but in some parts of the UK there are some middle schools that educate the students that are up to 12 or 13 years of age. For all international students that are coming to the UK to get secondary education can enter ... Full story

Primary Education in UK

According to a recent search more then 90 % of students in the UK attend publicly funded state schools and more then 8.6 million children’s attend 30,000 schools in England and Wales and in the country of Scotland there are more then 830,000 children’s who attend about 5,000 schools that also includes pre-schools and many other special educations schools. The country of the Northern Ireland ... Full story
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