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CSS LAW Syllabus

LAW Total Marks-200 PAPER I (Marks - 100) Civil Procedure Code, Contract Act and Law of Torts.   Paper II (Marks - 100) Qanun-e-Shahadat 1984, Code of Criminal Procedure and Panel Code. SUGGESTED READINGS Title Author 1 Crminal Procedure Code Shaukat Mahmud 2 Law of Torts Choudhry, A. M. 3 Pakistan Panel Code Shaukat Mahmud 4 Qanun-e-Shahadat 1984 5 The Law of Contract Dr. M. ... Full story


HISTORY OF THE USA Total Marks - 100 History of the USA: Facts of political history from the early settlers to the present day. Questions will also be asked on economic and constitutional development of the USA. Note: Credit will be given not only for precise presentation of facts but also for sound critical judgement. SUGGESTED READINGS Title... Full story


EUROPEAN HISTORY Total Marks - 200 PAPER - I (1789 -1914) (Marks - 100) I. French Revolution Background, Old Regime, Philosophers, Estate General. National Assembly, England’s Reaction, Panies in the Legislative Assembly, The fall of Monarchy, European coalition against France and the War, the second and the third partition of Poland, the Terror and the end of Terror. France and Europe 1793 - 95. II. ... Full story


BRITISH HISTORY Total Marks-200 British History - The history of the British Isles and of the British Empire and Commonwealth. PAPER I (Marks-100) From 1688 to 1850 PAPER-II (Marks-100) From 1850 to the present day. Note - Credit will be given in both the papers. not only for precise presentation of facts, but also for sound critical judgement. SUGGESTED READINGS Title... Full story


HISTORY OF PAKISTAN & INDIA Total Marks - 200 PAPER I (Marks-100) 712-1857 (Excluding arrival of European nations decline and fall of Muslim Rule) Arrival of the Muslims in the sub-continent, foundation of Muslim Rule - administrative system and reforms under the Sultans and the Mughals. Structure of the Muslim society. Industry, trade and commerce under the Muslim patronage, the Army, Financial administration, Zakat, Ushr, Kharaj etc. Administration ... Full story


ISLAMIC HISTORY & CULTURE Total Marks - 200 PAPER I (Marks - 100) I. Humanity at the dawn of Islam A brief survey of major world civilization, with special emphasis on their intellectual, humanistic and special institutions - their impact on world history. II. Advent of Islam Life and teachings of the Holy Prophet. Foundations of a new and revolutionary world order: Institutions of Islam; Political. ... Full story


ZOOLOGY Total Marks-200 PAPER I (Marks-100) INVERTEBRATE AND CHORDATE ZOOLOGY The candidates will be required to attempt five questions - three from Part - A and two from Part - B. PART - A Invertebrate General organization (general morphology, mode of life adaptations life cycles and economic importance) of the following groups with special reference to the topics mentioned in each group Protozoa: Parasitism, conjugation and autogamy, medical ... Full story


BOTANY Total Marks-200 PAPER I (Marks-100) 1. Thallophytes (a) Phycology: Origin, evolution, distribution and classification with reference to range, structure, life history, ecology and economic importance of the main groups of algae. (b) Mycology & Plant Pathology: Structure, development reproduction, classification; phylogeny, physiology and economic importance of the main groups of fungi, Diseases of economic importance and general principles of their control. 2. Bryology: Evolution of ganietophytes and ... Full story


CHEMISTRY Total Marks - 200 PAPER I (Marks - 100) 1. Atomic structure: Quantum theory, Schrodinger equation, Particle in box, hydrogen atom. Hydrogen moleculcion, hydrogemi mole cule. Theories of hydrogen and metallic bonding. 2. Electrochemistry: Ionic equilibria, theory of strong electrolytes; ebye-Huckel theory of activity coefficients, galvanic cells. memberane equilibria and fuel cells. Theories of Acids and Bases, glass electrode. incasuremnent of pH. Electroloysis. overvoltage and ... Full story


GEOGRAPHY Total Marks - 200 PAPER I (Marks - 100) PHYSICAL AND GENERAL GEOGRAPHY 1. Elements of Weather and Climate Insolation and Atmospheric Temperature. Global Radiation and Heat Balance. Atmospheric Pressure and Winds. Humidity and Precipitation. Air Masses. Fronts and Atmospheric Disturbances. Classification of Climate and Climatic Regions. 2. Landforms Major landforms, Rocks : origin, formation and classification. Internal Structure of the Earth. Earth quakes and Volcancity. Weathering. Mass Wasting. ... Full story
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