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BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Total Marks-100 Candidates will he asked to attempt total Five questions including one compulsory (objective type) question. They will attempt at least one question (out of two) from each part. Short note within the question (with-omit choice) can also he given. PART-I MANAGEMENT 1. Nature And Scope of Management-Different Schools of thought. 2. Planning - Planning process; Planning tools; Change Management. 3. Organisation - Type of Organisation; ... Full story


ECONOMICS Total Marks - 200 PAPER I (Marks - 100) 1. Micro Economics Consumer behaviour. Determination of market demand and supply, theory of the Firm, Producer’s equilibrium, Pricing of the factors of production. 2. Macro Economics Basic Economic Concepts. National Income Accounting, Consumption Function and Multiplier, Determination of equilibrium level of income and output, Inflation. 3. Money and Banking Functions of Money. Quantity Theory of Money, The Fisher ... Full story


ACCOUNTANCY AND AUDITING Total Marks-200 PAPER I (Marks-100) ACCOUNTING Principles of Accounting and their applications to all types of Business Organizations Banking, Insurance, Investment, Trading and Industrial Concerns, Accounting for non-profit Organisations. Work-sheet. Financial statements, Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis and Budgeting, Depreciation, Partnership. Note—Accounting for Executors, Trustees of Deceased Persons, Liquidators, Receivers, Official Agencies, Assignees etc. and Accounting for Multinational Corporation will not be included. PAPER-II ... Full story


ISLAMIAT (COMPULSORY) Marks - 100 1. Basic Problems of Human Life and their Solutions Various sources of knowledge-revelation (Wahy) as a source of knowledge and solution to human problem. Divinity and Supremacy of Wahy. 2. Need of Religion and its role in Human Life Islam and other religions. 3. Islam Its concept and meanings Deen and Muzhab, Islamic concepts of Universe and Humanity, Place of Humanity in Islam, Man as Vicegerent ... Full story


PAKISTAN AFFAIRS (COMPULSORY) Marks - 100 1. Evolution and growth of Muslim Society in the Sub-continent. 2. Ideology of Pakistan—Definition and Elucidation. Historical aspects Muslim rule in the sub-continent, its downfall and efforts of Renaissance. Movements for reforms—Sheikh Ahmed Sarhindi, Shah Waliullah, Aligarh, Deoband, Na&wah, Anjarnun Hamiat-e-Islam and other Educational Institutions— Sind Madressah and Islamia College Peshawar. Ideology of Pakistan in the lights of speeches and sayings ... Full story


CURRENT AFFAIRS (COMPULSORY) Marks - 100 Candidates will be expected to display such general knowledge of History,Geography and Politics as is necessary to interpret current affairs. Pakistan’s relations with its neighbours. Pakistan’s relations with Middle Eastern. African and Far Eastern Countries. Pakistan relations with big powers. International Economic issues and Pakistan. Pakistan’s role in regional and international organizations. Nuclear politics in South Asia. Structure of Pakistan’s economy, economic planning and development strategies Central Issues ... Full story


EVERYDAY SCIENCE (COMPULSORY) Marks - 100 1. Introduction Nature of Science; Brief History of Science with special reference to contribution of Muslims in the evolution and development of science: Impact of science on society. 2. The Physical Sciences (i) Ceramics, Plastics, Semiconductors (ii) Radio. Television, Telephones, Camera, Laser, Microscope. (iii) Computers, Satellites; (iv) Antibiotics, Vaccines, Fertilizers, Pesticides, (a) Constituents and Structure: “Universe, Galaxy. Solar system, Sun, Earth. Minerals; (b) Processes of Nature —Solar and Lunar Eclipses ... Full story


ENGLISH (PRECIS & COMPOSITION) COMPULSORY Total Marks - 100 The examination will be based upon a paper carrying 100 marks and will be geared to test the candidates' ability to handle grammatical structure, reading comprehension and analysis, and precis writing and composition. The candidates should be capable of: (a) Using English correctly and efficiently as a vehicle of communication. (b) Reading, comprehending and analyzing advanced texts. Grammar and Vocabulary The ... Full story

Essay (Compulsory) Syllabus CSS

Total Marks 100 Candidates will be required to write one or more essays in English. A wide choice of subjects will be given. Full story

Medical Regulations CSS Pakistan

COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION, 2004 Regulations for the Physical Examination of Candidates for the Competitive Examination for recruitment to BS 17 under the Federal Government 1. These regulations are published for the convenience of candidates and in order to enable them to ascertain the probability of their coming up to the required physical standard. But it must he clearly understood that the Government of Pakistan reserve to themselves an ... Full story
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