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GEOLOGY Total Marks - 200 PAPER I (Marks - 100) 1. General Geology: Earth as a planet. its origin and age. Internal structure of the earth and lithospheric plates. Internal and external geological processes such as earth-quakes, volcanism, weathering, erosion and deposition. Geomorphic cycles. 2. Structural Geology: Primary sedimentary structures. Mechanical properties of rocks. Description and classification of secondary structures. Structures in Metamorphic rocks. Orogeny and ... Full story


PHYSICS Total Marks - 200 PAPER I (Marks - 100) Mechanics Vectors - Dots, Cross and triple products, Gradient, divergence and applications. Newtonian laws of motion; conservation law of energy; conservation of linear and angular momentum; Dynamics of rigid body; spin and pie-cession; gyroscope; Gravitation; planetary motion including satellite. Special theory of relativity. Mischelson — Morely experiment and Einstein’s postulates; Lorentz transformation; time dilation and length con traction; ... Full story


STATISTICS Total Marks - 100 1. Basic Probability Axiomatic definition of probability, random variable, distribution function, probability density function, mathematical expectation; conditional probability, jointly distributed random variables, marginal and conditional distributions, conditional expectation, stochastic independence. 2. Some Special Distributions : Binomial, poisson. negative binomial, hypergeometric, normal distributions with their derivation of their mean and variance; Definition and Application of chisquare, "T" and ‘F’ distributions. 3. Statistical ... Full story


COMPUTER SCIENCE Total Marks - 100 Candidates will be asked to attempt total five questions including one compulsory objective type question. They will attempt atleast one question from each section. Each question will carry 20 marks. SECTION-A Computer Architecture Introduction to modern machine Architecture, Storage Hierarchy Main/ Virtual/ Cache/ Secondary Memory, CPU, ALU, Peripheral communication, Designing of Instruction set, Stored program concept. Introduction to parallel computing; SIMD/MIMD. Operating ... Full story


APPLIED MATHEMATICS Total Marks-200 PAPER I (Marks-100) Candidates will be asked to attempt any two questions from Section A and any three questions from Section B. SECTION A Vector Analysis Vector algebra, scalar and vector product of two or more vectors, Function of a scalar variable, Gradient, divergence and curl, Expansion formulae, curvilinear coordinates, Expansions for gradient, divergence and curl in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates, Line, surface and volume ... Full story


PURE MATHEMATICS Total Marks - 200 PAPER I (Marks - 100) Candidates will he asked to attempt three questions from Section A and two questions from section B. SECTION A Modern Algebra Groups, subgroups, Languages Theorem, cyclic groups, normal sub groups, quotient groups, Fundamental theorem of homomorphism, Isomorphism theorems of groups, Inner automorphisms, Conjugate elements, conjugate subgroups, Commutator subgroups. Rings, Subrings, Integral domains, Quotient fields, Isomorphism theorems, Field extension ... Full story


JOURNALISM (MASS COMMUNICATION) Total Marks - 100 Note: Candidate will be asked to attempt total five questions including one compulsory (objective type) question. They will attempt at least two questions from each Section. Short note within the question (without choice) can also be given. SECTION-A 1. Concept and process of communication : Source, Message, Channel, Destination. Encoding, Decoding, Noise, Feedback Oral vs. Written Communication, Two step flow ... Full story


SOCIOLOGY Total Marks - 100 1. Individual, Culture and Society : Individual as a social product. The variety of social forms. Methods of socialization, Ethnocentricism, Norms and Values, Cultural Patterns, Varieties of sub-cultures. 2. Sociological Theory : The sociological perspectives— Evolutionary, order and conflict, Evolutionary Theorists : Ibn-i-Khaldun Spencer and Tannis, Order Theorists: August Comte, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Conflict Theorists : George Hegel. Karl ... Full story

CSS Forestry Syllabus

(i) Ecology and Gcneral Silvicullure. (ii) Forest Statistics, Mensuration and Research Methods. (iii) Forest Management and Economics. (iv) Water Shed Management. (v) Range Management (vi) Forests surveying and Engineering. (vii) Forest Policy, Law and Protection. (viii) Forest Biology, Wildlife and Natural Park Management. SUGGESTED READINGS Title Author 1 Manual of Silviculture for Pakistan Champion. Seth & Khattak, G.M. 2 Forest Types of Pakistan -do- 3 Principles of Silviculture Daniel. T.W. Helms & Baker 4 Plant ... Full story


AGRICULTURE Total Marks-100 1. Natural Resources (Land, Water, Biological, Environmental, Solar and energy) as bases for agricultural production. Agriculture as integrated system of components like Crops, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry. Range Management. Socio-economics etc. Role of research and newer technologies in current and future agriculture in Pakistan. 2. Elements of climate and their relationship with crop growth. Factors of soil, Soil formation and development of soil profile, ... Full story
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