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There are many questions that are ask in an interview for student visa of UK according to the country because questions for every country are mostly different but there are some important questions that are mostly same for all countries of the world. There are many types of questions that Ambassadors ask while taking interview but some of the most common questions that are mostly in every country are as follows.

  • Why you choose this university and how you came to know about us?

The main purpose to choose your university is that it is ranked high especially in field of study that I choose in my life. Actually I learned about this specific university when I was searching on the internet and then I visited their official website to get more and more information about that university. When I got all information then I really got impressed with their best faculty profile and also with curriculum courses that they offer.

  • Why did you prefer UK for higher education? Isn’t this course offered by any institution or college in your country?

The main reason to select UK for higher education is because UK is the main center of excellence especially in my specific field and also provides best quality education to all international students to get the best knowledge in a practical way.

  • Why did you select this course? Is this course relevant to your previous education?

Actually this course is most relevant course for my studies and I also have very strong interest in this field.

  • Would you like to tell me the exact location of the university or college?

Yes I can tell you the location of the university that is …………………………..

Before giving interview please research on your university so that you should know the exact address and location of the university and their campuses as well.

  • Suppose you get UK degree here then would you like to prefer UK for higher studies and will go again?

Yes I would love to go to UK again for best and higher education because UK is the best for providing quality of education and has many different research facilities and the quality of faculty is much better in the UK.

  • What is the basic scope of your course?

Actually this course will open new horizons for me and will help to get the best job of my dream in my country when I will complete my course. Actually the government of my country is also planning to open research prospects in my chosen field and I will also contribute with the help of my education.

  • What is the main reason of taking this course?

The most important reason is that I have got very strong interest in my chosen field and when I complete my course then I will be specialize in my field of interest.

  • What is the basic structure of the course?

The answer will be according to your chosen course and better is to know what type of course you have selected or chosen.

  • Do you prefer to work in UK when your study will be completed?

When I will complete my studies then I will return back to my country and will help to grow my father’s business and will not prefer to work in the UK.

  • What you want to do after completion of your studies?

After completion of my studies I will come back to my home country and will help my family business to grow and will try to open new business of my own in the future.

  • What exactly are your future plans?

I am 200% sure that the recent growth of my country will open different avenues for me so that I can start my own company. After getting best and higher education from UK I will prefer to start my company in my home country.

  • What type of benefits this course will bring you?

Actually this course is the most challenging course for any developing country and will also provide me the latest developments in the industry of telecom. As you know my country is growing and mostly foreign countries are investing here so I will also be a part of this after completion of my course.

  • How much will you earn after completion of your studies?

In my country I will earn more then my thoughts because of big demand of my chosen course and also the growth of my income will surely depends on my hard work.

  • Where will you stay in the UK?

Mention the exact address that has been provided to you for your accommodation.

  • Who is your sponsor? How much they earn in a year?

My sponsors are my father and my relatives or what ever your sponsor is tell the name of your sponsor and also tell how much they are earning in the year.

  • What is the proof that your sponsor will support you in UK for your studies?

Tell them about your supporting documents and then the visa officer will see the sufficient funds that are required to meet all your expenses.

  • What is the best source of income of your sponsor?

This is the best way to ask the same thing again but in different way so the best answer is to tell what you father does by giving proof from documents.

  • Tell me how are you related to him?

Actually this question is asked when the sponsor is relative or friend or someone except parents.

  • What is the reason they sponsor you?

There can be any reason according to the documents that you provide so it’s better that you should know each and every document.

  • Do you have any friends or relative in the UK?

This is the confusing question for most of the students because they speak that there friends and relatives are living in UK that’s why they are rejected. So it’s better to say according to the documents and if your brother, sister, mother or father lives in UK then tell them about them otherwise no need to tell about your friends and relatives.

  • What is the main source of your father income? What is the earning amount of your father per year?

Actually these types of questions are to verify your main source of income and are also the best to check whether your sponsor is able to sponsor you or not so answer according to the documents that you provide.

  • Who are basically the earning members in your family?

Actually visa officer wants to know whether you have strong financial background or not. Please mention what your father, brother, sister and mother does.

  • What is the exact date of course commencement?

This is the most important question so remember the exact date so better to read the offer letter and brochures carefully before interview.

  • What will be the studies total cost per year?

To answer this question you should be well aware of all your tuition fees and all other expenses and the ways they will be met. Better to only mention tuition fees and living expenses.

  • What will be you doing during the off period or off semester?

I plan to come back to my home country to meet my family in the off period or in off semester. The best answer is to mention your strong ties to your home country.

  • How much money you have to stay in the UK?

Always answer according to the amount as per your financial document. Actually the main thing is that the visa officers will check that whether you have the sufficient money to pay for your all expenses and dues of education in the UK.

  • Have you ever researched your career prospects?

Yes I have already researched my career prospects and I am sure that the recent growth of my country will open new avenues for me to start my company or business after getting the knowledge and practice about the technologies in the UK and look forward to start any business or company in my home country.

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  • gull wrote on 22 September, 2012, 9:11

    i have given the UK student visa interview but unfortunately i was refused due to my unattested intermediate certificate,now i again submit my file for UK student visa.i would like to ask u that can i face interview again??last interview was fantastic.

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