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Conference on Problem of Peace and Pashtun Held at UoP

A one day conference on problems of peace and pashtun was held at Pashto Department University of Peshawar in which speakers uprooted lack of tolerance, diversion from its own cultural norms and lack of development in education and manufacturing sector as the main cause of turmoil on Pashtun soil. They said, peace is becoming a global challenge but the big powers are not serious to ... Full story

NMR Inaugurated at Centre for Nuclear and Molecular Studies UoP

A Varian 400 MHZ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrophotometer with an energy giving object to the research sample known as Cryo Prob of 700 MHZ has been installed at Centre for Nuclear and Molecular Studies, University of Peshawar. The NMR which has been installed by the Agilent engineer Mr. Wojciech Kosmider from oxford is the only spectrophotometer of its kind in the country and outside HEJ ... Full story

KP Varsities Employees to Get Revised Pay Scale 2011 with 15% Salary

All public sector University employees are going to get the 15% increase on their salaries as per revised Basic Pay Scales of 2011 as announced by the finance division, Government of Pakistan. This will be paid to them from salaries of October 2011 and onwards, however arrears on account of increased in salaries from July- September shall be paid on receipt of additional grant from the ... Full story
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