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Actually the thing visa is a permit that is issued by the state department or foreign affairs of any country and with the help of visa a person can enter to the country. Actually visas are the stickers that are placed inside the passport page and usually to get visa peoples have to apply from their own country. Student visa are actually provided to students of all ages and are provided to get better education.


In some of the countries of the world the limit of the visa can be valid only for short period of time and can be of three months period. In this period you have to enter the country and it is the enough time to enter the country before the starting date of the academic course or study. When you arrive in the country then you have obtain residency card that confirms where you will live.


From all countries of the world the US education is supposed to be the best education in the world. Actually US education is an investment for your best future and the best thing in the US education is that US always welcome international students in the USA. The colleges and universities or programs in which you apply always send you all the information that you need to secure your student visa.


You will only be able to apply for student visa when you are accepted to study in an institution of specific country.  Before applying for student visa you should check whether university or program accepts you or not and also always check which school you will attend before applying for student visa. When you are cleared to study then the specific institution will send you a special form which is called an I-20 which is basically a visa application form and is required to use with your visa. With your passport and also with many other documents that are needed to enter the US.


The embassy of the US or consulate of the United States will always provide you detailed information which is required for the visa. There are many types of visas in the US that are provided to different students according to their types and according to their countries. The F-1 visa is for all those students that enroll for full time academic or that enroll for special language courses. There is another type of visa which is always issued to the US bound students which is J-1 student visa and are offered to those students that need practical training which is not offered in their countries. There is also another student visa type which is issued to all vocational students which is the M-1 student visa and is given to all those students that meet some certain criteria while their attendance in the vocational colleges.


Usually there is a time limit for the student visa of US for example when visa application is approved then students have to wait for about 04 to 05 weeks to obtain student visa on their passports from embassy or from consulates. It is recommended that when ever students want to apply for student visa then they should apply during the early part of the summer that is May, June and July. When ever any student want to apply for USA student visa then should apply in the months of May, June and July in order to arrive at the academic destinations of the US in time.


When ever all those students that want to apply for a visa during the fall semester or want to apply for student visa of USA in early winter that is in November or in December then they should apply before one month before the starting date of semester.  When ever you apply for student visa of USA then you will be asked to provide many documents and forms that include final proof that you have enough financial means to support yourself in the USA.


Actually the process of USA visa is sometimes complicated but the visa process is mostly completed with the help of professionals at your institution that you choose and also the officials that represents the US in your country. For student visa of USA it is very important that you should know the rules and regulations of the student visa of USA. You have to obey all the rules and regulations when ever you apply for student visa of USA.


Always obey rules because the immigration rules of the USA are very strict for every type of students of the world so it is your responsibility to know all those rules and also the procedure to follow them. Every year millions of students from all over the world came to USA to take advantages of the best and excellent and varied educational opportunities and resources that are available for all types of students in USA.


Students from different countries came to USA to receive high quality education and add the diversity that makes the education of the US the best in the world. Mostly there are two types of student visas that are issued to the students of the world that are


  • F-1 academic studies visa:

This type of visa is for all those peoples or students who want to study or want to conduct research at an accredited US university or college.


  • M-1 non academic or vocational studies visa:

This type of visa is for all those peoples or students who want to study or want to train at any non academic institution in the US.


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