Australian Scholarships Pakistani Students

Australian Scholarships Pakistani Students

Australian Scholarships Pakistani Students

Karachi, University of Technology Sydney offers the scholarships of Rs.274.5 million to Pakistani and Indian subcontinent students so that they can get education in diploma studies in communication, architecture design, science, information technology and engineering. The scholarships are offered to the students in second semester of studies through the dedicated program, which is known as ‘UTN: INSEARCH’.

The educational program is provided to the students of high school to get education in Australia between 2017 and 2020. When the students will complete their diploma course, they can register in bachelor class courses at UTS and they can track their degree program in the second year of the university based on the selected course.

University of Technology is one of the biggest universities in Australia and it has registered over forty thousands in which 11420 students are foreigners.

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