Bad Treatment of Teacher With Students

Bad Treatment of Teacher With Students

Bad Treatment of Teacher With Students



Multan, It is reported that some of the teachers do not treat well with their students. In an incident in Shujabad, Multan a 4 years child was beaten by the teacher badly and he lost temporary hearing loss. The father of the injured student told media that he was informed by the school administration that his son was unconscious due to hot weather and he should come to school and bring his child to the hospital. When he took his son to the hospital, some wound marks are appeared on his body and after treatment, the child gained his senses and he told that his teacher beat him badly.

It is reported that this school was supported by Pakistan Education Foundation (PEF). When the classes were started in the morning, the students were making noise in their class in the absence of their teacher. The teacher came into class and he punished the students severely and as a result, the student got some serious injuries. The student is admitted in the hospital and the doctors said that it was too early to say that his hearing loss can be gained or not.

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