Ban of Engineering Universities

Ban of Engineering Universities

Ban of Engineering Universities

Islamabad, Pakistan Engineering Council may suspend the engineering programs of at about 14 universities. PEC took the step in consultation with Higher Education Commission. It is reported that these universities were not meeting the international standards of engineering and technology.

HEC has taken this decision to maintain the standards of teaching at the engineering universities with the international level after Pakistan became the member of Washington Accord. It is said that this issue is under consideration and it is possible that these universities will be warned to improve the teaching standard. If the universities fail to comply with the international standards then they will face strict decision.

There are total 19 members of the Washington Accord and they have targeted the high performance and standards at the international level in engineering. The degrees of the engineering students of the member states of Washington Accord will be accepted in 60 countries of the world and Pakistan is third country after Malaysia and Turkey.

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