Blind Female Student Completed her PhD Successfully

Blind Female Student Completed her PhD Successfully

Blind Female Student Completed her PhD Successfully

Lahore, Aziza Saeed is the blind girl by birth and she is brilliant student. She did not reluctant to complete her education and she has done her PhD being blind and she showed her strong determination. When she started education, she faced many problems as getting education in Pakistan is not an easy task being the disabled person. She was worried when she came to know that she is blind and her parents were also very worried about her.

Aziza got admission in the government college university Lahore and she completed her education like masters and MPhil from GCU Lahore. Then she started her career as lecturer at Lahore College for Women University. She has completed her thesis on ‘Immigrants and their issues’. She completed her PhD in Urdu from Government College University Lahore and she also got the title of the first blind student, who got PhD degree from Government College University Lahore.

Now she became the role model for the girl students and especially for those girl students, who get education from her. The vice chancellor for Government College University said that she has to pass through the similar exams procedures like other students. She is the big source of inspiration for all disabled aspirants and everybody like her.

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