Chinese School Provides Facility of taking Loan Marks to students


In order to comfort the strict educational and examination system of China, a school has introduced the system to pass exam and achieve good grade through loan. Under this system, the students can pay this loan after passing from “grade bank” through few tests.

For this, students are given few numbers from ‘Grade Bank’ in order to pass an exam. But like bank, the students also have to repay these numbers with profit in the prescribed time. It means that the students have to pass the next exam with extra numbers.

Few teachers give extra marks to students and then use these students to experiment in laboratory or they have to give lecture to people about education. If a student could not pay his debt then he is blacklisted like normal banks.

This facility is provided in “Nanjing Number 1 High School” in the Chinese city of Nanjing and its purpose is to provide another chance to the students to pass their exams. According to a school teacher, there is difference of just 1 number between 59 and 60 but a student can pass exam by taking loan of 1 number while he can later repay this single number with profit.

The idea was presented for the first time in 2016 for which the students expressed their happiness. Currently; it is available only for the students of 10th class and it was used by 13 students. Few teachers criticized this system and said that it will make students non serious and careless.

It should be cleared that examination system in schools is a reason of severe burden on students and students also commit suicide on not improving their grades. The time of examination is called ‘season of national fever’ which produces mental pressure on both students and their parents.

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