District Elementary Education Board Mirpur 5th & 8th Class Result 2015


District Elementary Education Board Mirpur has announced the results of first 20 position holders in 5th and 8th class annual exams. In 8th class exams, the students of private institute of Pak Kashmir Institute of Computer Sciences achieved the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. These students include Faryal Siddeque (r.n. 830952) 1st position with 845 marks, Khadeja Ansar (r.n. 830951) 2nd position with 832 marks and Mahnoor Ansar (r.n. 830953) 3rd position with 829 marks.

In 5th class, Hameed Shafiq (r.n. 532875) of Pak Kashmir Institute of Computer Sciences took 1st position with 362 marks, Laiba Ali (r.n. 521856) of Radiant Academy for Young Student Kakra Town took 2nd position with 361 marks while Emaan Ali (r.n. 532878) of Pak Kashmir Institute of Computer Sciences and Areeba Kanwal (r.n.) of Mian M Baksh Academy palmind took 3rd with 359 marks.

The other position holders in the 8th class include Muqaddas Shabbir (r.n. 830808) and Izzat Hayat (r.n. 830729) of Kashmir Model College Mirpur (KMC, Mirpur) took 4th position with 826 marks, Emaan Asghar (830803) and Zain Talib (830778) of Kashmir Model College took 5th with 824 marks, Raees Ahmed (830746) and Hooreen Fatima Haq of KMC, Mirpur took 6th with 823 marks, Aamna Noreen of KMC Mirpur took 7th with 817 marks and Ayesha Arif of the same institute took 8th with 816 marks. Umm-e-Habiba of Zeenat Memorial Science College took 9th with 811 marks, Ahmed Ullah Rana of KMC took 10th with 810 marks, Areeba Mazhar of Pak Kashmir Institute of Computer Sciences took 11th with 804 marks, Wishal Ilyas of KMC took 12th with 802 marks, Zeeshan Fareed of pak Kashmir Institute took 13th with 800 marks. Mohez Aslam took 14th position with 799 marks, Esha Ali took 15th with 798 marks, Emaan Rasheed took 16th with 797 marks, Aiza Ambreen took 17th with 796 marks, Aleena Majed took 18th with 794 marks, Umair Ahmed and Emaan Shakeel took 19th with 793 marks and Ibrahim Chaudhary took 20th position with 791 marks.

In 5th class, Mariam Fareed of Radiant Academy for Young Student (RAYS) took 4th position with 358 marks, Amna Tariq of Pak Kashmir Institute of Computer Sciences (PKICS) Mirpur took 5th with 351 marks, Aleeza Noor of RAYS took 6th with 350 marks, M Asad of Royal School Munda took 7th with 346 marks. Maria Massod of PKICS Mirpur took 8th position with 344 marks, Saif Ali of Alfalah Public School Jatlan and Aleesha Habib of PKICS took 9th with 343 marks, Noreen Mushtaq of Sirsyed Public School Chaksawari took 10th with 342 marks, Dua Zainab of Govt. Girls High School Bans took 11th with 341 marks, M Sabeel of Govt. Primary School Doorgen took 12th with 339 marks. Javeria Shafeeq of Govt. Girls Primary School and Abdul Moeez Ansar of PKICS took 13th with 338 marks. Malaika Aushtaq and Zainab Sagheer of PKICS took 14th position with 337 marks and Momina Rauf of the same institute took 15th with 336 marks. Afshan of Govt. Girls Primary School Mirpur, Muqaddas of Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Chattarpari and Daood bin Nasr of PKICS took 16th position with 335 marks. Laraib Azeem of Bilal Islamic Model High School took 17th position with 334 marks, Hamid Fayyaz of Alflah Public School Gajlan took 18th with 333 marks, Ahmed Ali of GCHS Barjan and Emaan Jahangir of Mioan M Baksh Academy took 19th with 332 marks and Asad Parvez of RAYS took 20th position with 331 marks.

There were total 5503 students in 8th class out of which 3355 passed and 2148 remained unsuccessful. The passing percentage of 8th class remained 61% while 75% is the passing percentage of 5th class. You can view complete result of both classes at the site www.result.pk.

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  • ahmad mushtaq wrote on 20 April, 2015, 7:31

    i want to get result of 8th class ajk mirpur board
    roll no:iqra asghar 15154

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