Geology CSS Past Paper 2012


CSS Geology Past Papers 2012 can help you to prepare your CSS Exams 2013 or any other CSS exams.

Geology Paper 1 2010 subjective part
Part – II

Q.2 How X-ray diffraction helps to determine the mineralogical composition of rocks?

Q.3 What is acidic igneous rocks ? Describe the petrology of granite in detail.

Q.4 Describe the internal structure of the Earth and its relation to solar system.

Q.5 What are sedimentary structures? Describe its classification and discuss the deformational sedimentary structures.
Q.6 Define correlation , describe the principle of correlation with examples from the stratigraphy of Pakistan.
Q.7 Describe the Cretaceous sequence of Hazara Area and the Suleman Range.

Q.8 Write notes on : 5+5+5+5
i. Metamorphic zones and facies
ii. Earth Magnetic Field
iii. Convergent Plate Boundary
iv. Chemical weathering

Geology Paper 2 2010 subjective part
Part – II

Q.2 describe various modes of slope failures in rocks

Q.3. What is meant by alkali – aggregate reaction ? Elaborate the concepts of Alkali – Silica reaction.

Q.4 How the geochemical survey is used for the exploration of mineral deposits?

Q.5 Describe the occurrence and industrial utilization of bentonite deposits of Azad Kashmir.

Q.6 Discuss salient feature of Tarbela Dam.

Q.7 What is the role of an Engineering Geologist in the site investigation of a mega project.

Q.8. describe the theories regarding the origin of Petroleum and Primary Migration of Hydrocarbons.

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