These tests include intelligence and personality tests and are held on the morning of the first day.

Intelligence Tests.
These are of two main types; verbal and non verbal. Candidates who fail to come up to the minimum standards are screened out. They are allowed to proceed back to their homes after the test on the first day.


Mechanical Aptitude Test.
It is designed to assess candidates’ basic mechanical sense.


Personality Tests.
These are written tests of analytical/ projective type. Responses provide  indication

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  • ijaz gul wrote on 28 July, 2011, 10:40

    A.A! I am repeater of 127 PMA L/C.I have visited ISSB (Kohat) during 127 PMA L/C.I liked the environment very much.Schedule is very good.I would like to suggest that ISSB should make a phone call after issuing call letters because most of the candidates do not use net regularly.they belong to rural areas having no facility of internet.Now a days call letter web page is not opening creating a problem for us.One thing more i would like to add that ISSB should mention the cause of not recommendation of candidate in his “Not Recmmendation”letter because issb is assessing 14 leadership qualities and the qualities which a candidate could not expose should be mention so that he pay special attention regarding these qualities in next course.I love Pakistan and Pakistan Army.May Allah success me in 128 PMA L/C .Hope for the best! Live Long PAKISTAN!

  • Muhammad Umair wrote on 18 October, 2011, 5:59

    The selection and training system of issb is very tough.Please take care of passionate persons.
    I love Pak Army and I want to become soldier of Pak Army.

  • usama wrote on 9 February, 2012, 13:41

    ISSB test is based on luck.But should give his hundred percent and then pray.No one can comment that how ha was reccommended or not

  • usama wrote on 9 February, 2012, 13:45

    what you writr on your FORM and your qualites that you mention in your form they must reflect in your phychological test.this thing can pass your phy test

  • Hammad Khan wrote on 11 September, 2012, 19:48

    A REQUEST or a SUGGESTION to the President of ISSB.

    As all knows that at ISSB all the qualities and guts of a candidate are tested and observed keenly.
    Therefore, those candidates who at final are NOT RECOMMENDED should be informed in the letter about their weak points so that for next time they will have cleared that weak points.

    And if such type of man is then not fit for ARMY, so it doesn’t matters, if he omits his weaknesses, he can lead PAKISTAN in a best possible way in any other (CIVIL) field.

    Love Pakistan
    Love Pak-ARMY…

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