ITU Organizes International Conference on ICTD


Lahore, The Information Technology Universities is hosting the 9th international conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development Pakistan 2017. This conference will continue for 4 days and it will be organized from 16 November 2017 to 19 November 2017 in Lahore.

The university has set the deadline for the sending of the short papers. The university will present the accepted papers and the top notes will be invited for their oral presentations and it will available in the ACM Digital Library. The information and communication technologies and development is the research conference to find the role of the information and communication technologies in the universal development.

The conference is comprised of the multidisciplinary and multi sectoral nature of ICTD work with representation from extensive range of regions like communication, anthropology, economics, computer science, design, global health, electrical engineering, geography, information science, sociology, political science and others. There are some notable participants from the industry, academic world, civil society and government.

The Information Technology University and Punjab Information Technology Board has the developers in order to develop, test and scale up the ICT applications in the fields of education,  health, agriculture, livestock and governance. The ICTD is the perfect place for researchers and for experts to present their work and form relationships and networks.

The ICTD conferences were organized in the Singapore, Doha, Cape Town, Berkley, London, Bangalore, Atlanta and Ann Arbor. ITU is the government sector university in the provincial capital and it was set up in 2013 and it was founded by Dr Umar Saif and it was shaped after Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The university was set up with the objective to advance the scholarship and innovation in science, engineering and technologies fields.


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