Journalism CSS Past Paper 2012


CSS Journalism Past Papers 2012 can help you to prepare your CSS Exams 2013 or any other CSS exams.

Part – I

2. what are ethical issues associated with online journalism and also suggest ways to solve these ethical issues

3. Discuss the importance of ppl’s participation in the process of development and subsequent role of mass media

4.Explain functions of Mass Communication with relevant examples

5. “Todays media has taken centre stage role in the daily life and society”.Give your comments on this statement in the light of media system dependence theory

Part – II

6.In the light of karl marx media theory: analyze the role of at least 3 tv channels with the special reference of flood disaster. what is national development? and how media can play role in national development

7.describe the factors that determine character of internal public in newspaper organization

8.explain the historical perspective of journalism in subcontinent

9.suppose u have developed a new diet drink, and are ready to market it..develop a research study for identifying the elements topics that should be stressed in your advertisement


a freelancer is also called (stringer, reporter, correspondent,)

inverted pyramid style preferably used in which media (electronic,,print,,,both)

material meant for press/media organizations is (press release, news release,,press statement,,all of the above)

subject assigned to reporter (beat..)

PBC stands for (pakistan broadcasting corporation)

IRNA stands for (islamic republic news agency)

Hickey gazette launched in (29jan 1780, 29 jan 1792, 29 jan 1760, etc)

SMCR model introduced in (1960)

name of Dawn publishers (Herald)

contribution by editorial staff is called (editorial, article, column,

what is the type of advertising where product is delivered your mailing address (direct response, personal advertising, direct mail advertising, none of the above)

father of printing press (johann gutenberg)

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