Karakoram University Campus to Set Up in Diamer Valley


Karakoram International University campus will be established in Diamer valley. It is the big decision which the administration of this university made for the people of that area and they want to improve the education standard in this area. This valley is also called Diamer-Bhasha dam and it was also constructed in this area. The valley is under development and there is limited number of educational facilities in this area.

Various recent developments have been made in this area and the KIU University announced for the setting up of new campus, which is the excellent development in this area and it will help the students to come and complete their higher education in this campus. The politicians and youth of the area approached to the Governor of Gilgit-Baltistan and they said that the administration of university should not construct the regional campus in this area as the local people need madrassah but not the university campus.

Another Campus to be Set Up in Hunza

The administration of the university issued the statement in which it is mentioned that university got the approval of the federal government for setting up of campus in Diamer district and also in Hunza valley. Both the campuses of Karakoram International University will be established at the same time. The Diamer valley is located 100 kilometers away from Gilgit and it consists of 775 of the total forest cover in Gilgit Baltistan.

Education in The District

The Pakistan District Education Ranking 2015 shows that the district is ranked 95th out of about 148 districts, where educational facilities are being provided and the infrastructure and facilities in this district were ranked at about 127th place.

The society of that region is comprised of the orthodox clergy and they focus on their education for the men and women. The literacy rate among the women in this district is about 0 and the education among the men in this district is about 15%, which is very low and need immediate attention.

The local people appreciated this step of KIU and they want to set up this campus for the provision of education to the local people and it will help in uplifting the local society to get the skills and knowledge, which they need to get in the 21st century.


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